What's Next – Cat Cocktails?

August 17, 2009

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Sometimes I run across some marketing that appalls me. Last week I saw a print ad that made me question not only the marketing but the product itself. Purina, in what I can only assume was a move spurred by the enthusiasm of an anomalous focus group session, has introduced Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats.

I don’t know which is worse: the concept or the tagline – “Celebrate The Moment.” Supporting copy includes these gems: Romance your cat's taste buds with Fancy Feast® Appetizers. And Fancy Feast® is the perfect way to express your love. That's bordering on icky.

As I pondered it, though, I realized that cat appetizers fall under the category we call “passion products” – products (or vocations) that generate singularly enthusiastic involvement because they’re a critical part of a person’s identity.

Cat lovers are like wine aficionados, Mac users, exotic fish owners, vintage car enthusiasts, teachers, firefighters and runners: they devote time and energy into their passion because it fulfills and defines them. (By the way, this kind of engagement makes these and other groups ideal for targeting via social media, where they’re eager to share with others with the same mindset.)

So maybe cat appetizers aren’t so dumb after all. But I still hate the tagline, which sounds like a Viagra ad. Read more about the product and people’s passion for their pet in a recent article in the St. Louis Today.

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