[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Create an eBook that Generates Leads

Vicki Woschnick
Posted by Vicki Woschnick on May 27, 2016

Congratulations! You’re ready to tackle an eBook. You only have one question: How do I tackle an eBook? Here's our step-by-step process to eBook production that will guide you through the process.


Need that again?

Here's the simple text recipe for eBook publication.

  1. Be resourceful. Industry publications and forums are great resources for crafting an inspired unique selling proposition (the main eBook idea).
  1. Get expert advice. Subject matter experts keep eBook info industry-relevant. Ask for input from colleagues. 
  1. Narrow your focus. Organize thoughts and research into an outline that helps logically order the main points and determine a workable schedule.
  1. Write on. Use the first draft to refine content, flow and length. Don’t worry about achieving perfection right out of the gate.
  1. Picture it. What types of visuals will resonate with your audience – charts and graphs? Photos? Illustrations? 
  1. Edit. Edit. Seek objective parties’ feedback about copy and visuals after each round of revisions. “Fresh eyes” on the final layout is a good idea, too.
  1. Open your toolbox. Your eBook is a valuable lead generator when a landing page is used to capture contact information in exchange for the download.
  1. Promote it. Send an email blast, blog, add a link to your site – do whatever it takes to share the eBook to reach prospects and delight existing customers!
  1. Reuse. Repurpose. eBook content is ideal for breaking into smaller marketing pieces like blogs, checklists, whitepapers and infographics.

Nothing about content publication is easy. The best advice we have is to start treating your marketing more like a regular publication than a series of projects. The more regularly you produce more content, the more efficient your marketing efforts will become. For more information, on highly effective content creation, check out our guide below.

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