You can create content all you want. It won't generate leads if your prospects can't find it!

Sharing_Promoting_LP_Image.pngThousands of articles are published on the web every day. How can you get your blog content to stand out in your industry?

Answer: By developing an effective set of tactics and activities that distribute your content to where leads will find it useful.

You need to generate high visibility!

In this comprehensive, 32-page guide—a follow-up to the Business Builders Guide to Crafting a Powerful Blog—you'll find all the organic and paid tactics you should use to promote your content and attract more web visitors.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

  1. Choose the right promotional channels for your company
  2. Get your followers to re-share your content
  3. Develop a mutualistic sharing strategy that fosters co-promotion with other brands
  4. Utilize social media tools to your advantage

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