ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: GO BEYOND THE SALES FUNNEL! Embrace the Flywheel to Maximize Business Growth & Customer Loyalty

Move From Sales Funnel to Inbound Marketing Flywheel

Align Marketing, Sales, and Service to attract, engage, and delight — and enlist your customers as your most powerful promoters!

The flywheel is a powerful methodology that helps organizations identify all the opportunities available to them to increase the forces that drive their businesses — and remove the sources of friction that keep them from achieving optimum results.

The flywheel enables alignment between Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, allowing you to gain real momentum as you attract and convert leads, and continually satisfy customers.

Move From Sales Funnel to Flywheel: Maximize Business Growth & Customer Loyalty, the free one-hour on-demand webinar presented by Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group President, guides you through:

  • How the inbound marketing flywheel applies to your business
  • Where to add force and reduce friction to accelerate growth
  • Which strategies can increase your marketing and sales momentum
  • How delighted customers speak for themselves and for you
  • And more!

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