INBOUND RECRUITING ESSENTIALS: A GUIDE FOR INDUSTRIAL SECTORS A step-by-step walkthrough for HR managers and recruiters

Struggling to find enough skilled workers?

Attract a steady stream of candidates by learning Inbound Recruiting.

WGI-Industrial_Recruiting_Guide_LP_Image.pngThe pressure on industrial-sector HR managers to attract talent has never been greater. Yet many hiring managers are finding that traditional, pay-to-post recruiting tactics simply don't generate enough qualified candidates.

No hiring manager can afford to ignore the near-crisis shortage of welders, maintenance people, and pipefitters. You need a better approach.

In Inbound Recruiting Essentials: A Guide for Industrial Sectors, we provide a step-by-step approach to:

  • Attracting a more steady stream of candidates year after year
  • Using digital content to better compete for recruiting leads online
  • Promoting and distributing job listings more effectively
  • Nurturing potential job prospects before they even apply

This 14-page guide is an essential guide for HR managers (and their marketing counterparts) that want to get serious about improving their hiring process.

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