Quarterly Roadmap Worksheet Take an Agile Approach with Your Marketing Plan

Developing and executing a single, year-long marketing plan involves big risks. How often have you reached the end of the plan year and wondered, “Why didn’t we reach our goals?” Often it’s because while the market (and prospects) changed, your tactics and approach didn’t.

Roadmaps break the year into 4 quarters and require marketing teams to treat each as a sort of “mini year” – plan and execute tactics while at the same time gathering data that shows how those tactics are working, and how visitors are engaging (and not engaging) with your site, your content, your emails, your social media and more.

All that data then is used to make informed decisions about how to adjust your plan for the next quarter. And the next and the next and next.

It’s a cycle of continuous improvement that keeps you focused on the activities that will get you to your goals...not on best guesses.

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