We leverage the inbound methodology’s strengths in recruitment marketing to help you increase the number of job seekers visiting your website, convert more of those visitors into recruiting leads, and help you and your candidates identify and act on mutually beneficial opportunities.

We’ll help you:

  • Select and deploy the most appropriate inbound program components to attract quality candidates to your website
  • Develop and promote the right content to engage good candidates and minimize points of friction often associated with the application and hiring processes
  • Help you identify and delight your best candidates with follow-up content that delivers value and motivates them to apply and ultimately accept your offer



How do job seekers see you as an employer — and how do they see your company as a potential place to work? We’ll help you understand your candidates’ personas and develop recruitment messaging that resonates with targeted job seekers, following a step-by-step process that may include:

  • Conducting internal interviews
  • Creating candidate persona(s)
  • Defining recruitment positioning and messaging



Your strategy-based, inbound content plan helps applicants find and interact with your brand to cultivate and nurture a relationship even before they choose to apply. Distinguish your business among the competition and show them what’s great about working on your team, with content that sets you apart:

  • Applicant-focused blog posts
  • Advanced content for job seekers (guides, employee case studies, assessments, etc.)
  • Recruitment and culture videos
  • Referral program development
  • Nurturing campaigns
  • Paid ad programs
  • And more



Your website is often the first interaction prospective applicants have with your company. What impression does it leave? Does it do a great job of communicating your employer brand? Is it easy to find the information visitors come looking for? We’ll help you make sure the answer is “yes,” by:

  • Auditing your current Careers page
  • Revising copy and layouts
  • Improving navigation and UX



The application process should be a source of momentum, not friction, in your business flywheel! We help you establish the balance between delivering a user experience that delights candidates and ensuring you get the information needed to make informed hiring decisions, with:

  • Application form development or revisions
  • Candidate emails
  • Automated internal alerts and workflows



You interview candidates to decide whether to make a job offer — and to enable them to evaluate the opportunity and make their own informed decisions. How well do your teams achieve these goals? Candid feedback is key to streamlining the process and eliminating uncertainty for both sides. We’ll help you gather and analyze feedback at critical points along the application process with automated candidate surveys.



Tracking & Reporting

Understanding how job seekers find you brings clarity to your strategy, helps refine your continuous improvement efforts, and demonstrates return on your investments in recruitment marketing. See where candidates come from and which sources perform best, and understand costs per application and hire. Our process includes:

  • Audit of your current tracking protocols
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Building data dashboards and/or reports



We start with an initial assessment and proposal. Foundational work on your competitive positioning and candidate personas leads into strategy — an absolute must for making the right tactical choices. Our team digs deep to understand your needs and works with urgency to implement the best solutions.

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