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The team at Weidert Group understands the challenges facing industrial marketers every day. And we have ways to solve many of them – the most pressing of which is usually generating quality leads. This survival kit can help you clear that hurdle and fill your pipeline with people who want your help.

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A website should be your hardest-working sales “person,” capable of attracting and converting visitors into leads and customers. Our web development, design and writing teams collaborate with clients to create powerful websites that address prospects’ needs at every point in their buyer journeys, from initial awareness to final purchase decision.



Pumptec is a manufacturer of American-made commercial pumps out of Anoka, MN. This website's product catalog was built using HubDB to make to easy for users to find what they need in addition to making it very easy for the client to manage the products at any time.

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Falcon Structures is an industry leader in shipping-container-based structures. Industries rely on their modified containers to create modular container buildings of superior quality.

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PINpoint is a Manufacturing Execution System software company. As a recognized leader in the MES category, they give customers the ability to optimize efficiency and quality, and deliver a positive return on their investments.

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This company manufactures pizza dough products for the foodservice and commercial food industries.

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This is the second site we’ve developed for this above-ground steel storage tank manufacturer.

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This manufacturer of whey protein products requires a site that aligns with the needs of food scientists and culinary experts.

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This company is the Midwest’s leading provider of office technology solutions, such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) using artificial intelligence. The site is continually improved using the Growth-Driven Design method of ongoing improvements based on user data.

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Video can do what no other content type can: show (not tell) with audio, visual and motion. There’s perhaps nothing more engaging than a video that showcases a company’s expertise, culture and solutions.


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Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust

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