18 Outstanding Examples of Companies Using Instagram Video

July 23, 2013

whole brain marketing blog author

Posted by Alex Sobal

Well, it's official: as of this past weekend, Instagram's video feature is one month old. Seems like just yesterday we were discussing whether or not Vine was still the king of short-form video...

Well, enough of the reminiscing (unless you haven't read through that previous link yet, of course). Since Instagram released the video feature for the popular app, companies from all industries have been taking a stab at creating their own unique, 15-second advertisements. While some brands are still learning how to use it effectively, others have excelled in making Instagram videos that are creative, informational, and fun. Below, we've grabbed 18 of the best Instagram videos we could find that truly capture a brand's image and their offerings - all while delighting the customer.

Burberry - Behind the Scenes (London)

Lululemon - #JustMyMat

Nike - The Tunnel

Forever 21 - Follow Us to 21st Street

Topshop - AW13 Sneak Peek

Victoria's Secret - #TheMix

Louisville Slugger - The Brand

Calloway Golf - The Mack Daddy 2

Miachael Kors - 4th of July

MTV - 2013 VMA Nominee Videos (Featured: Best Pop Video)

National Geographic - What's in Michael Yamashita's Flipside Sport?

Mercedes-Benz - Introducing the S63 AMG

Jobs - Movie Trailer

Jet Blue - #BluePaperPlane

Virgin America - Summer Travel

Hyatt Regency (Austin) - New Perks

Ben & Jerry's - New York City's "City Churned" flavor

Nissan - #VersaVid

Did we miss any? Share some of YOUR favorites below, in the comment section!

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whole brain marketing blog author
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