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Inbound Marketing Implementation Process Infographic


Understanding the power of Inbound Marketing to significantly grow your business is simple; what’s more complicated is understanding the process of attracting visitors to your site and turning them into qualified leads: What steps do you need to take to get started? What has to be done each day to keep the process moving? How do you interact with and manage prospects?

While the execution of Inbound Marketing varies somewhat by client, prospect, industry, etc., we’ve created an infographic can be used to understand:

  • What work is foundational
  • What work is ongoing
  • What your prospects will experience moving through the sales funnel

inbound marketing implementation process infographic

Click here to download a pdf of the infographic!

We eat, breathe, sleep Inbound Marketing, so if you have questions about your specific Inbound Marketing needs give us a call! We’re always eager to help people understand and take full advantage of this powerful approach.

If you need to step back and get a full overview of Inbound Marketing – what it is, why it works, what steps you need to take to get started – download Weidert Group’s  “Turn Your Website Into A Sales Magnet” – one of our most popular downloads ever!




I've been enthusiastically following your blog for a while, and I appreciate your POV on Inbound Marketing. That said, I had a negative initial reaction to this graphic and am compelled to comment; purely constructively of course. 
I suggest this graphic still needs to stress the most important aspect of Inbound Marketing: Human connection. 
Yes, the graphic is simple, operationally efficient and clear: "Put tab A into slot B."  
I love simplicity, but I'm afraid the general business audience may not be ready for that simple message alone.  
I imagine much of your audience, like most businesses, still doesn't fully grasp the purpose behind Inbound Marketing. That is, share insight, knowledge and experience to build credibility, rapport and trust. 
Although a minor point, I suggest it's still important to prominently stress content quality. Without that, conventional business wisdom will simply look for the same "Easy Button" it's been pressing for the last 50 years. 
1) Push out ANY content. 2)Don't forget the CTA 3)Leads will come. 
Yes, most businesses and marketing departments get the idea of "content." Push, push, push. However, the culture of producing quality, relevant content is still somewhat naissant.  
The magic behind your graphic lies in content quality, not content calendars. 
Love your posts. Keep 'em coming. 
Posted @ Monday, September 17, 2012 9:13 PM by Marshall Ponzi
Thanks for your comments, Marshall. Yes, you're right, the infographic works to help people understand the "what," but not the "how" of the Inbound implementation process. "How" is a far more qualitative subject and tough – if not downright impossible – to show visually.  
It can't be stressed enough, as you suggest, that "junk" content won't attract visits or generate leads. If the content doesn't have real value to the visitor (helps s/he more deeply understand the product, demonstrates your competitive advantage, etc.) it's a wasted and somewhat disingenuous effort. And will probably do more harm than good.  
The toughest thing to teach those new to Inbound isn't the process we've illustrated, but the heart and soul behind it. But it sure is fun. 
Thanks again for commenting (and so wisely!), Marshall. Keep 'em coming.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 18, 2012 7:57 AM by Meg Hoppe
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