Weidert Group puts an unmatched and very powerful combination of expertise, insight and experience to work on clients’ businesses.

For marketing to be effective, the firm executing it must have a well-articulated understanding of how every client does business, what its challenges are, and how their prospects think and act. And it must understand these things as well as the clients themselves do. That takes intelligence, and a breadth of experience working in multiple industries.

We’ve got both.



A number of people on our team have been in marketing for more than 20 years; a few have even been on your side of the desk, heading the marketing efforts of major divisions of B2B corporations. That makes us uniquely capable of “getting” your business, your prospects, and your challenges.

When you begin talking with our team you’ll see that we understand the operations, sales and marketing of a variety of B2B industries, with a focus on MANUFACTURING, INSURANCE & FINANCIAL, INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION and BUSINESS CONSULTING. You could say we’ve ‘seen it all’ and helped develop solutions for a wide range of challenges.

That doesn’t mean we know everything – we’re learning new things every day.
What it means is that our experience helps us learn more quickly and provide more effective solutions for our clients



We use what we learn about your business to create a step-by-step inbound marketing guide called the Inbound Marketing Playbook. Your Playbook may be the most valuable marketing deliverable you’ll ever receive.

This 100+-page guide is where you’ll find all the background work we do prior to setting your strategy, all the components of SEO, your content strategy and action plan, your editorial calendar, your social media protocols…it’s “everything” and it helps you wrap your arms around your inbound marketing and see what’s on the horizon at any moment. The Playbook also helps your team absorb and process inbound marketing from Day #1 so that you can, if you choose, eventually take on the responsibility for executing your strategy.


We’re a full-service in-house team made up of highly skilled inbound experts, each with specialization in areas like strategy, content creation, SEO, social media promotion, lead segmentation and conversion, nurturing, and analysis.

Many agencies farm out one or more of these activities, a business model we know doesn’t integrate effectively enough for our clients. We’ve got control over the entire process and each element is synchronized with the others, streamlining your inbound efforts and enhancing their performance.



Weidert Group has the very unique perspective of having been a traditional agency for more than 30 years.

When we meet them, most of our clients are new to inbound marketing and still relying on traditional methods like print ads and tradeshows. They’re reluctant to make the switch; “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” as they say.

But because we went from print ads and direct mail and Yellow Page listings to inbound marketing ourselves, we know what clients are feeling, we know how to minimize pushback from sales teams, and we know how to plug in and start getting leads from the moment you implement a program.

We also know firsthand the power inbound marketing has to significantly improve business and increase the return on investment of marketing dollars.


We’re not here to take over your marketing department. Our goal is to transfer our inbound marketing knowledge to your team. Your team is part of every step we take as we set up and initiate the steps of inbound marketing, so they understand the whys and ‘what’s nexts.’ Eventually they’ve got the know-how to execute most – if not all – aspects of inbound marketing effectively.

That being said, we do act as some clients’ marketing arm and execute the inbound marketing strategy on their behalf – everything from content creation and social media engagement to lead segmentation and analysis. You choose the amount of work we do.