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Content Creation Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Writing More Concise

Editing a Paper


The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. -Thomas Jefferson

Despite his message being a little wordy itself, Thomas Jefferson’s quote should serve as the “Golden Rule” for content marketers today. With so many brands pumping out content to the World Wide Web, your online audience doesn’t have time to waste cutting through the clutter. Simply put, they don’t want to read a paragraph when all that’s needed is a sentence. That being said, without wasting any more of your time, check out these 5 tips for writing more concisely:

Why Online Marketing Is Still Important For A Local Business

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While the world is clearly globalizing, a big part of business still revolves around local economies. From manufacturing to insurance, industries across the board find that many of their best—most profitable—prospects based right nearby.

Adding a Human Touch to Your Social Media Marketing

Adding a Human Element to your Social Media Marketing

The world of marketing is continuously adapting and changing. We live in a world that values connections and puts an emphasis on sharing (and in some cases, over-sharing) many different types of information. Gone are the days when there was a true divide between a business and its prospects - today’s world is becoming more about connecting with those prospects and making them feel like a friend or family member.

What To Do When Your Facebook Organic Reach Hits Zero

organic reach

First, don’t panic! Your brand’s organic reach on Facebook has probably been steadily declining for a few months and now it’s starting to hit rock bottom. Facebook has stockholders to please, so Zuckerberg’s brainchild needs to make some money off of what it’s built so far – an insanely large network of 500 million users. 

5-Step Guide to Reviving an Inactive Facebook Page or Twitter Profile

2 Businessmen

The scene begins in a conference room, as two businessmen (an inbound marketer and an executive from a local financial services provider) are busy discussing a new inbound marketing proposal:

How Manufacturers Can Nurture Leads During The RFP/Bidding Process

manufacturing sales improvement

In the manufacturing world, new projects from prospective customers (even current customers) typically start with a request for proposal (RFP) or bid request. For years this has been the formal way for companies to outline their needs and requirements in order for them to gather bids from a number of manufacturers on what a project will cost and what their process will be to deliver the desired need. Although the process for submitting and receiving these requests have evolved to be primarily web-based, the process for manufacturers to nurture these leads during the process has not. Or, is non-existent!

3 Website Analytics You Can Improve in 2 Weeks or Less

start taking action

Analytics are a vital aspect to any marketing effort and especially for inbound marketing. Most marketers haven’t ever had this much quality data at their fingertips, so things can get a little overwhelming. It’s great to have a ton of data to sort through, but what if you want to try and influence some of your less desirable metrics? 

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Inbound Marketing Bootcamp

inbound marketing bootcamp wisconsin

Over the past few years, the growing recognition and understanding of the power and effectiveness of inbound marketing has made it the choice of thousands of progressive businesses worldwide. Inbound marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, have seen incredible growth and continue to delight their customers by providing them with a system that allows them to increase their online visibility exponentially and nurture more highly qualified prospects to faster closings.

3 Major Reasons to Offer Form-Free, Ungated Content on Your Site

Free Content


"There's no such thing as a free lunch."

I can almost hear my old high school business teacher telling us that phrase like it was yesterday.  And while the old adage remains true – everything comes with a cost – wouldn’t it be nice to actually get something for free every once in a while?

Analyze Your SEO Success with UTM codes

url tracking

Any marketer worth their salt today should be able to measure and analyze the impact their efforts have using real numbers, not just guesses. You should know down to the Tweet where leads are coming from in order to gauge what’s working and what isn’t doing so hot. I know that you’re limited on time so you can’t sit around all day analyzing what’s coming in real-time. That’s where UTM codes come in handy. These little snippets of code can turn great marketing analytics into excellent analytics. 

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