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Hey there, TRICERAT team!

We couldn't be more excited about the inbound marketing program we discussed during our call! We've put together this page so you have everything you might need in one spot as you consider working with Weidert Group to transform your business development efforts.


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It’s the shared goal of Tricerat and Weidert Group to improve upon Tricerat's existing inbound strategy, producing the quantity and quality of leads needed to support business growth goals.

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The Results Case Studies

Get a sense of the quality and nature of our inbound work by viewing the case studies below. Use the filtering button to find what’s most important to you.

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Hear From Our Clients

"The team at Weidert is wonderful to work with. They are knowledgeable, creative, proactive and passionate about what they do. On top of that, they are fun and genuine! They consistently add value to our organization's marketing efforts and help us all succeed."

Nicole M.


"I have worked with several marketing companies over my career. The team at Weidert is simply as good as it gets. They take a collaborative team approach, and are truly experts at Inbound Marketing. They have developed for us, what I believe to be the best web site in our industry, and have shown us amazing results, with traffic driven to our site. They are a joy to work with starting at the top of the organization, which flows through the entire company. If you're looking for a great Inbound firm, I highly recommend the group at Weidert."

Dennis M.


"The entire Weidert Group team is exceptional to work with and has become a key partner in the success of our business. They took the time to understand our industry and provide solutions to our challenges – not simply execute tactics. They made the entire website design process smooth, painless and even fun. The partnership continues to be a great experience for the Falcon team."

Krista Short


Why Weidert Group?



No other HubSpot partner has produced the quantifiable results we have for our own agency (just ask us – we’ll show you the numbers!). We know how to get visible gain for the spend, and we prove it on ourselves every day.



Our knowledge is your power. We focus on what we know extremely well: complex B2B business models, including industrial manufacturing (OEM and contract manufacturing) and B2B financial products/services.



We’ve been in business longer than any other HubSpot partner (since 1980), and no other partner can provide the bridge between inbound strategies and technologies, and the traditional tactics necessary in the industries we serve, such as trade shows and direct mail.

Have a Question?


Nicole Mertes

VP Client Ops & Business Development

All client engagements begin on Nicole’s desk, where she works with our Consultants to formulate the most appropriate programs. With 10+ years of experience in advertising sales, she understands the complex relationship between marketing and sales within organizations.
920-731-2771, ext. 222


Greg Linnemanstons


In his role as president of the company, Greg oversees all initial engagements with clients and stays involved, monitoring and guiding our teams.
920-731-2771, ext. 231


Frank Isca


Frank’s role is to both oversee your overall program strategy and to ensure its effective, ongoing implementation.
920-731-2771, ext. 285


Kevin Zeise


A storyteller at heart, Kevin’s easygoing spirit combines with acute attention to detail to develop and deliver meaningful messages and strategies for clients. Foundational to his approach is an attentive listening ear and a driving passion to help organizations grow and succeed.
920-731-2771, ext. 251