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MūL Technologies


When MūL Technologies partnered with Wisconsin-based GMI Solutions to launch MARCTM, their mobile autonomous robotic cart, they had no name recognition or website. But MūL team members had worked with Weidert Group on GMI Solutions’ inbound marketing, so they enlisted a trusted agency partner to create a strategic product launch campaign for MARC.

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Falcon Structures


Falcon Structures, a Texas-based manufacturer of modified shipping containers,  wanted to take their marketing efforts (and sales results) to higher heights. They were already familiar with inbound marketing, but knew there were more opportunities beyond the scope of their in-house capabilities.

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Gordon-Flesch Co. IT Risk Assessment Tool
Gordon-Flesch Co. Cybery Security Tips for Employees

Gordon Flesch Co.


The Gordon Flesch Company, the Midwest leader in office technology solutions, wanted a website that would attract and convert visitors into leads with content that was valuable to prospects, with more powerful messaging that accurately communicated its expertise and full range of capabilities.

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Fisher Tank


This above-ground welded steel tank manufacturer serves the power, municipal water, transportation, mining, ethanol and biodiesel industries and others. They initially asked us to develop a more effective website; soon after, they asked us to develop an entire inbound program to generate and nurture quality leads.

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ESOP Partners


Weidert Group was initially asked to create this ESOP consultancy company’s name and logo, and roll out its new branding. After learning more about inbound marketing, the client asked us to develop a new website that had the components necessary to attract visitors and convert them into leads and customers. This was just the beginning of a strategic partnership that’s now lasted over 11 years!

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Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust


Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust is a leader in dough products for foodservice operations and manufacturers. Our work included strategically integrating and promoting a new product line. In addition, we were charged with increasing the number of quality leads coming to their site so their sales team could reduce reliance on cold calling.

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A Mutual Insurance Co.


This company partnered with Weidert Group to develop and launch an inbound marketing program that its independent agents could use to market their businesses to prospects. Because independent agents sell multiples lines of insurance, giving them tools to help make them more effective makes the agent/insurance company relationship stronger and can improve sales.

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Weidert Group


Rather than doing a complete refresh to Weidert Group's "old" website, we re-launched it using a GDD approach: created and prioritized changes to be made, monitored ongoing activity and measured the results — all based on data. This kind of continuous improvement is a standard component of our inbound marketing program and of many of our clients' programs.

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Continental Propertie
Continental Properties project search feature

Continental Properties


This national commercial real estate development and property management company had an outdated website that didn’t reflect its esteemed position in the market. In addition to a new site, we developed an inbound marketing program for their apartment homes brand that included a blog for many of its communities. In the first year of implementation, monthly organic search traffic to their apartment home properties increased 106% and social media traffic increased 438%. The community blogs have continued to generate high-quality traffic and realized an 83% increase in contact conversions from 2017 to 2018.

Crane Engineering


This distributor of industrial fluid systems asked us to create a new website that better communicated their expertise and that included a blog, conversion opportunities (advanced content) and lead nurturing workflows. Their first blog post now has more than 224,000 views and has converted 198 leads. Within the first two years of the inbound program, monthly web traffic increased 7,186%, lead conversions increased 192% and the company gained 46 new customers attributed to inbound.


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