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We hire only people whose capabilities have been influenced by quality education, significant responsibilities, and meaningful accomplishments, and who’ve demonstrated expertise in the service areas we provide.

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Weidert Group is a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency

The Weidert Group team is certified in the following areas. To see which members of our team are certified in a specific expertise, click on an option below. 

HubSpot Marketing Software
HubSpot Design
Client Management
Delivering Sales Service
Developing Sales Plans
Inbound Sales
Hubspot Sales Software
Hubspot Agency Partner
Delivering Client Success
Growth-Driven Design
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Selling Sales Service
Contextual Marketing
Sales Enablement
HubSpot Certified Trainer
HubSpot Certified Trainer
Social Media
HubSpot Champion User
CMS Implementation
Guided Client Onboarding
HubSpot CMS for Marketers
PieSync Fundamentals
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Greg Linnemanstons


Meg Hoppe

VP, Creative & Operations

Frank Isca


Nicole Mertes

VP, Client Services & Business Development

Brent Senske

Director of Design & Technology

Michelle Reindl

VP, Administration

Laura Sheptoski


Kelly Wilhelme

Marketing Manager

Katherine Wells


Reid Trier


Amanda Retzki


Stacy Bouchard


Tammy Borden

Content Manager

Tim Holdsworth

Client Operations Manager

Vicki Woschnick

Content Manager

Jonathan Stanis

Director of UX

Kate Nissen

Process Manager

Justin Harrison

Associate Creative Director

Eric Severstad

Content Manager

Bryan Schneidewind

Web Development Manager

Charles Greenley

Paid Media Specialist

Mary Rockman

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Isaiah Wells

Video Director

Hayden Fredriksen


Jo Phillip

Content Manager

Dakota Perock


Abigail Arnoldussen

Accounting/HR Administrative Assistant

Katy Compton

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Chelsea Drusch


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