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We are an inbound marketing agency focused on generating and closing leads for businesses in complex industries.

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Why people like you choose a team like ours.

We know complex industries. Our clients come to us because they need experienced marketers who are familiar with nuanced businesses that sell what are "considered purchases" — those that necessitate a fair amount of pre-purchase research, are often major investments for the buyer, have extended sales cycles (sometimes more than a year) and that involve multiple people in the purchase decision.

Bring us your challenge; we'll show you how we can attract qualified leads to your website and help you turn them into customers.


Some of the ways we add additional value to our client relationships: 

  • We’re owned by our employees. As an Employee Stock Ownership Plan company, every one of us at Weidert Group has a stake in the growth and wellbeing of this company. Every one of us understands that for our company to succeed, we must first help our clients succeed.
  • We’re a Platinum Level HubSpot partner, placing us among an elite group of agencies around the world. We've achieved this standing by demonstrating a superior level of inbound marketing expertise, and by using it to help clients achieve their goals. Having earned this HubSpot recognition, we have open access to the valuable insights and support of the incredible team at HubSpot.
  • We’re Agile. Like a lean approach to manufacturing, the use of Agile tools and methods for marketing reduces waste (time and money), improves productivity and helps ensure quality. Watch this video to learn more about Agile business management from the leading expert in the field, Jeff Sutherland.

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Our Partnerships

Weidert Group is a Databox Premiere Partner
Weidert Group is a Platinum HubSpot Certified Agency Partner
Weidert Group is a Wistia Silver Partner

What do we stand for?

Our promise & Culture Code

A culture code tells the outside world what kind of organization you are – what your beliefs and values are. It’s a way to articulate what an organization expects of its people and of itself; it’s a way to maintain alignment among team members and with the company’s clients; and it’s a way to tell those clients how they can expect to be treated. Learn more about how Weidert Group's people think and act, and how we view our responsibility to clients.

Weidert Group Culture Code
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We hire only people whose capabilities have been influenced by quality education, significant responsibilities, and meaningful accomplishments, and who’ve demonstrated expertise in the service areas we provide. Each is well versed in the complex industries they serve and are able to rely on instinct and experience when developing the right solutions to clients’ challenges.

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Complex B2B Clients

We develop programs and create content for clients in complex industries, such as industrial manufacturing, distribution, insurance, and financial services.

EDL Packaging
Fisher Tank Co.
MCL Engineered Solutions
Crane Engineering
Marion Body Works
Kaysun Corporation
Grande Custom Ingredients Group
Alive & Kickin Pizza Crust
ESOP Partners
Investors Community Bank
Gordon-Flesch Company
Supply Technologies

Weidert Group is a Platinum HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

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Here’s some evidence of our value to clients and our community.

Weidert Group is a Platinum HubSpot Partner, putting us in the top 2—3% of partners in the U.S.


Weidert Group Partners with HubSpot

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Q3 HUG: The Power of Repurposed Content

August 21, 2019 | 7:45–9:00am

Struggling to come up with fresh topics to fill your editorial calendar? When you leverage existing content, what’s old can be new again!

Learn strategic ways to repurpose those old blogs and articles into new and engaging content to get the most “bang for your content buck” when it comes to lead attraction and conversion and customer delight.

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...the Inbound Marketing program we developed with them has totally changed how our sales and marketing teams work together – it's made a significant difference in our effectiveness. I have Weidert Group to thank for all our success.

Gordon Flesch Company

Weidert Group testimonials of our work

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