Weidert GroupAI Usage Policy

Revised December 1, 2023
Effective March 23, 2023

Weidert Group recognizes both the disruptive power and tremendous opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. While we understand we can improve efficiencies and enhance creative services, Weidert Group is also committed to the responsible use of AI — and all technologies — as we deliver innovative outcomes that drive value for our clients.

In addition to ethical considerations and transparency, we prioritize protecting client and partner data and privacy, and we will continually evaluate AI technologies against our high standards. We are committed to keeping “humans in the loop” for all AI-supported activities, combining tools’ capabilities with our seasoned industry professionals.

Weidert Group will use AI …

  • as a research tool
  • to create outlines, ideas, headlines, and social media posts only
  • to transcribe audio
  • to generate image ideas
  • for content summarization of transcripts
  • as a complement to our human-centered approach; AI technologies are assistive, not autonomous
  • to assist the critical role of human knowledge, experience, emotion, and creative imagination
  • responsibly, fully understanding the limitations and dangers of AI
  • transparently, to maintain the trust of our clients, audiences, and stakeholders
  • to upskill and reskill professionals
  • to build more fulfilling careers and lives
  • for the betterment of humanity and society

Weidert Group will not use AI …

  • for generating copy unless its use is clearly identified as an example of AI content
  • for any image, video, or audio solely generated by AI
  • images over stock photography or any copyrighted material
  • to replace human accountability; real people must remain involved in all AI applications
  • to deceive or spread falsehoods, misinformation, disinformation, or propaganda

Weidert Group also has a responsibility to help our clients understand how AI technologies can improve their marketing efforts. By adhering to this AI usage policy, we seek to ensure the responsible use of AI technologies to benefit our clients, partners, industry, and humanity as a whole.

These principles fall under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license and were inspired by the Marketing AI Institute.