Gordon Flesch Company

The Gordon Flesch Company, the Midwest leader in office technology solutions, wanted a website that would attract and convert visitors into leads with content that was valuable to prospects, with more powerful messaging that accurately communicated its expertise and full range of capabilities.

The Problem

GFC’s website didn’t mirror its progressive, forward-leaning brand, the expertise of its people or all the ways they help companies solve challenges — beyond equipment, GFC provides enterprise content management (ECM) and other technologies and consulting that help organizations create efficiencies and improve productivity.

The Goals

Attract leads to the site where they would learn more about the company’s capabilities and how it solves many common productivity and efficiency challenges.


The Solution

Weidert Group developed a new website that included a blog and advanced (gated) content pieces that visitors could download in exchange for their contact information. With this information, Gordon Flesch is able to nurture these leads with additional relevant information.


The Results

In the first 6 months of launching the new site and inbound program:

  • 407 marketing-qualified leads
  • 230 sales-qualified leads
  • $394,000 in sales opportunities
  • 15 new customers

To date (2.5 years into the program):

  • Closed more than $5 million in new business attributed to the new website and inbound

Marketing-qualified Leads
Sales-qualified Leads
Million in New Business
New Customers

...the Inbound Marketing program we developed with them has totally changed how our sales and marketing teams work together – it's made a significant difference in our effectiveness. I have Weidert Group to thank for all our success.

Gordon Flesch Company


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