No one has all the AI answers. But here’s some help.


Everything is Changing (and Change is Good)

“AI won’t replace people. But, people who use AI will replace those who do not.”
— Paul Roetzer, Founder, Marketing AI Institute

Paul Roetzer has been studying artificial intelligence for decades AND has owned an inbound marketing agency, so we pay attention when he shares wisdom. In this case, that wisdom can be applied to individuals, marketers, salespeople, companies — even entire industries.

There’s no doubt: AI can accelerate productivity and boost results so much that those who hesitate to adopt it are quickly left behind… possibly forever.

Yet AI can feel like a complicated, intimidating, ever-changing whirlwind. It’s too much for any individual to get their arms around and use effectively. So, we’re sharing what we know with you in this AI Resource Library for Marketing & Sales.

We’re committed to regularly publishing content about how B2B marketers in complex industries can make their marketing and sales efforts more efficient and effective by way of AI.

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Let’s Tackle AI Together

“Overall, AI is all about working smarter, not harder.”
— Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot Co-Founder and CTO

HubSpot is all in on AI. As a HubSpot partner agency, we wholeheartedly agree! When HubSpot announces or launches a new AI-powered product, you’ll likely find a reaction from us in this AI Resource Library (and on our socials).

AI is already changing agency-client dynamics. We know that AI allows you to perform some repetitive or data-driven tasks historically done for you by us. That’s okay. In fact, if it means we get to spent more time helping you with strategic and creative initiatives, we are all for it! 

If AI can help you reach the peak of revenue operations efficiency across your marketing, sales, and service operations, consider Weidert Group to be your sherpa. We don’t know it all, but we’re a darn good guide with a backpack full of tools, many of which complement AI’s capabilities.

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The Goods

Explore our library of resources on AI for revenue operations teams (marketing, sales, and service) below. 

The conversation is constantly evolving, so bookmark this page and check in often as new resources are added regularly. Can’t wait? 

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