The 12 Days of Christmas: Inbound Marketing Style - Day 4

Tami Wessley
Posted by Tami Wessley on December 9, 2013

12 days of christmas 4 metrics reviews

On the fourth day of inbound...

Wow, we’re a third of the way there! So far we have one fabulous website, two blogs each week, three CTAs - what’s next? Well, let’s see how these are performing with four quarterly metrics reviews.

Inbound gives marketers something ridiculously exciting: a way to see if all our effort is paying off. Want to know who’s visiting your site? No problem. Want to prove how many leads you’re generating? Easy. Even better though is the fact that inbound metrics on a platform like HubSpot drill down all the way to individual emails, landing pages, social media posts and even specific wording that creates the greatest engagement.

These metrics are available at your fingertips in why do we suggest additional quarterly reviews? Think of it this way: it’s like viewing your Christmas tree. When you look at each ornament and light you can see their unique beauty and appreciate the story each tells. But when they’re all together and you step back to look at how they work together, you get a completely different perspective; you might even see a few things you want to move around or change. Looking at your quarterly trends and conversions gives you a better view of what's working and where you might want to make just a few changes.  

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