How To Bait A Hook

Weidert Group Staff
Posted by Weidert Group Staff on July 7, 2010

In the words of our fearless leader, Greg Linnemanstons, “Inbound marketing is all about turning everything you do into attraction devices that pull prospects toward your online destinations.” Blogs, social media, links, keywords, updated content…they’re all critical for drawing people to your site, but what’s going to turn people into prospects is “the hook.” Or, really, “the bait.”

Grocers have long known that in-store sampling boosts sales of the product being offered – some studies say up to 250%. It’s because free trial mitigates risk and builds credibility. You want to turn prospects into qualified leads? Offer something of value to engage prospects – give them a reason to try you.

There are 3 types of bait: 1) free trials; 2) a free “thing” of value – banks used to do it with toasters, now you’re lucky if you get a pen; and 3) an offer of something unique that people can’t get anywhere else, like the chance to meet a celebrity. What can you offer that qualified prospects just can’t pass up?

Finding The Right Bait

  • What do you do (or how do you do it) that no one else does?
  • What are your prospects’ hot buttons today?
  • What service best would best showcase how you work/think/operate?

Lame Bait

  • Something they could easily get on their own (the internet is full of studies, figures, tips and ideas – some of it actually useful)
  • Anything not worth the effort of picking up the phone (a local company is offering a free squiggly lightbulb if you sign on with them. Definitely not an enticement)
  • Something that benefits you more than your audience (a free tour of your facility, for instance)

What a well-crafted offer does is gets people to stand up and identify themselves as a real prospect – not just a browser. Make sure you’re offering something that’s meaningful enough to get them to say, “Yes, I’m interested.”

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