Old Spice guy responds to Twitter followers via YouTube messages

July 15, 2010

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Many of you have already heard about the Old Spice Guy and the social media campaign that features him responding to questions from Twitter followers via YouTube, complete with wearing only a bath towel in the shower.

I must admit, I'm a TiVo'er and haven't seen the traditional Old Spice commercials, but I have now. In the past two days the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice's marketing team and their brilliant ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy took the social media world by storm. Along with the hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, Old Spice is getting kudos from other consumer product companies, broadening it's reach by integrating a traditional campaign with social media and gaining national media coverage.

Isaiah Mustafa appeared as a (shirtless) special guest via skye on Good Morning America this morning to discuss the campaign and his response to the tweet about President Obama from George Stephanopoulos.

How did they pull this off? Blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick gave an inside look on the Read Write Web blog yesterday.

This is our pick for the best social media campaign we've seen in a long time. We bow down to you Old Spice. Tough break Axe.

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