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Weidert Group Staff
Posted by Weidert Group Staff on July 21, 2011

It has been one “hot” week to say the least, and I know the last thing you would want to do is think about sitting outside in a bus stop. But these 20 Clever Bus-Shelter Ads are not only genius, but also a good way to brighten your morning as the week is coming to an end.

The list of shelters was put out by Look at the ads here.

You can create your own opinion on them, but I couldn’t resist myself on a few….

#6. Fitness First – I understand the idea of shaming people into joining your gym, but this is just mean! Maybe the scale should have said a lighter weight and reminded sitters they could weigh this if they joined a gym. At least that removes the public humiliation and is more positive.

#9. Big Brother – This is just creepy. Yes, many retail stores have already started using mobile advertising by sending text messages to your phone when you are outside their store, but if I was at a bus stop and got a text that read “I’m watching u”, forget the bus, I would be running.

#15. 3M – Now for this one, I find it hilarious. Could you imagine sitting in a bus stop and watching people try and break open glass to get at the money. In fact, I would just sit in the bus stop all day to watch people kick and scream at glass.

#17. Science World – We have had mean, creepy, and hilarious, but now this is just gross. At times, sitting on public benches can be gross enough. Now imagine the bus stop itself is sneezing at you, eww.

And my favorite is…
#20. Sun Smart – This is just an awesome idea. We have all been there, you can feel your skin starting to burn but do not have any sun block with you. Well surprise, the bus stop does!

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