3 Key Lessons Learned by an Inbound Marketing Intern

Posted by Taylor Krentz on August 15, 2012

intern_at_an_inbound_agencySummer is coming to a close and so is my internship here at Weidert Group. To say that I've gained some experience would be a gross understatement. In fact, I've learned a ton! I'm going to review a few of the key lessons I have learned throughout the summer that I plan on using the rest of my career, and that any business can benefit from.

1. Content, Content, CONTENT! – Can I make this point any more clear?! If you want your business to rank above competitors in search engine results, you need to create content. Blogging is so much more important than I ever imagined. It takes work, but it's one of the most effective ways to present information about your company, demonstrate expertise and thought leadership in your industry, and attract new business leads. (Blog content can also be used again in tip sheets, whitepapers, etc.)

But your content marketing efforts don't stop when you publish your blog. It's also important to properly promote your content through social media, leveraging your entire team's social media network. For B2B businesses don't overlook the power of LinkedIn, specifically LinkedIn Groups.

2. If you don't know something, ask – The point of an internship is to learn from people who have been in the business. People are your greatest resource. If I had been placed at a desk and told to write a blog post, I wouldn't know where to start. Talking with co-workers starts conversations that can lead to great ideas. The best way to learn is through experience, and the people around you have had experiences and been in situations that you may never experience yourself.

This is also an important lesson for your business. Have your ever asked your leads why they came to your site? The need they were trying to fill? A key component of Inbound Marketing is engaging with your prospects, primarily through social media. By asking questions and engancing with prospects, you can begin to provide them with targeted content that better qualifies them when they convert as a lead. 

3. The people make the company – It doesn't matter how great of an idea you have or how successful you think your business can be; if you don't have a great group of people to work with, you won't get anywhere. The team at Weidert Group has amazing chemistry. From morning team meetings to laughing and sharing ideas at lunch, every day is something new. Know your teammates. Like your teammates. Love your teammates. This will pay off.

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better internship. Learning from the Inbound Marketing pros at Weidert Group has been an experience I will remember and learn from for the rest of my life. Thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity, and hopefully someday our paths will meet again--especially if anyone is looking for a new graduate to hire May 2013! 

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