5 Blogs That Boosted Our Inbound Marketing Results

Sean Johnson
Posted by Sean Johnson on December 26, 2011

Weidert Group Best Blogs for Inbound MarketingWe preach pretty regularly here that a blog is one of the best tools you can use to improve the results of your marketing strategy. 

A blog does so many things for you: creates opportunities for links, adds new pages to your website, keeps your website content fresh and, perhaps most importantly, gives you a chance to talk directly to visitors and prospects, providing them useful information that will keep them coming back for more. 

We've certainly seen the results here at Weidert Group. As we close out 2011, we thought we would share with you the blogs that we had the most success with. That success was based on a lot of factors - the subject matter, the links, the calls to action - and we are pretty proud of them here. We hope you like them, and if you need to use them as a model to help with your own blog writing efforts, please feel free to do so. 

Here they are, Weidert's top 5 blogs of 2011:

Social Media Return On Investment: A Case Study
Posted by Sean Johnson on Mon, Nov 28
As prevalent as social media has become, there is still a reluctance for many businesses to fully embrace it. As we have previously reported in this blog, social media use is up, especially among small businesses. Yet, a recent survey found that 56 percent of small businesses still do not use social media as part of their marketing strategy. 

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4 Tips to You Make a Blog Part of Your Marketing Strategy
Posted by Sean Johnson on Fri, Nov 25
We have a lot of conversations about blogs around the office here at Weidert Group. And no, it's not always the "what am I going to write about today" discussion.
Mostly, we talk about blogs in terms of what they can do for your website - new content, increased pages, better SEO, etc. These are all critical components to success with Inbound Marketing.

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Small Businesses Missing the Point of Social Media, Inbound Marketing
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on Mon, Aug 22
I saw a troubling headline (Are Small Businesses Apathetic About Social Media?) a few weeks ago related to the results of a survey of small business owners published by eMarketer. The main finding was that a strong majority (64%) of small business decision makers said social media was either 1) not necessary; 2) they didn’t know much about it; or 3) they had no opinion.

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A Good Tweet Can Help Your Inbound Marketing Effort
Posted by Sean Johnson on Thu, Aug 25
My first thought for a title to today's blog was "How to be a Good Tweeter and not a Twit!" But, I thought it might be a bit over the top and then I noticed it was missing keywords that are important for inbound marketing success.
Still, it would have been fun! I once worked with a columnist who said if you can't occasionally make them spit the coffee all over the paper, you aren't doing it right!

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Top 6 Check List When Launching Your New Website
Posted by Frank Isca on Wed, Sep 21
There's no doubt that launching or relaunching a new website onto a new CMS platform or programming environment can be a time consuming and stressful experience. Lots of things can go wrong or certain details can easily be overlooked, so here's a helpful check list of the top 6 things to be mindful of as you prepare to "flip the switch" on your new site:

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