5 Reasons Manufacturers Should be Marketing Online in 2012

Tami Wessley
Posted by Tami Wessley on January 9, 2012

Internet for BusinessIt’s amazing to think that not so many years ago, we didn’t have the Internet to rely on for our everyday questions. Think about it, how many times a day do you Google a topic, a company or even a person? According to the latest US Digital Media Usage Report, over 75% of us turn to online sources everyday.

Unfortunately, manufacturers have been slow to adopt the Internet as their primary means of communicating with top prospects. Below are five eye-popping statistics and what they should mean to your marketing strategy.

1. 75.6% of the US population will be Internet users in 2012 – No other form of media, including TV, reaches as many people on a daily basis. Manufacturers have a greater opportunity to reach more prospects with their story and broaden their lead pool than through any other channel. When was the last time you were able to reach over ¾ of your target audience?

2. 83.9% of Internet users will browse or research products online in 2012 – This one really doesn’t need an explanation. R&D personnel, purchasing professionals and sales/marketing teams all gain valuable information impacting their likelihood of purchasing products and services everyday.

3. Mobile Internet users will reach 113.9 million in 2012 – Wow! 36.4% of the US population now access Internet content on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, less than 20% of websites are currently optimized to be viewable on these devices. Creating a mobile-friendly version of its website should be top of the priority list for any manufacturer – assuming an online strategy is in place.

4. 2/3 of web users will use social networks in 2012 – Don’t think social media is important to your organization? Think again. Over 50% of the US population regularly participates in social media. No longer just for personal recreation, social media is now a valuable source for information, referrals and networking. In fact, LinkedIn – a well-known social network for businesses and professionals grew over 600% in 2011. Every manufacturer should have a social media strategy to be where their prospects are looking.

5. 55.3% of the population and 70.8% of Internet users will watch online video in 2012 – If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a short but sweet video worth? Lots! Today’s time-starved professionals are looking for ways to get the most information in the easiest to digest manner. A well crafted demo, introduction or tutorial on key messages are a great way for manufacturers to be memorable.

If you don’t already have a well defined online and social media strategy, 2012 is the year to get them in place. To learn more about how Inbound Marketing can make a huge difference in your marketing return, download our free tip sheet: Website Usability Checklist For Inbound Marketing.

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