6 Content Strategy Considerations for Specialty Manufacturers

Tami Wessley
Posted by Tami Wessley on February 13, 2012

Content development for specialty manufacturersFor Specialty Manufacturers, developing a content strategy can be overwhelming and confusing. When talking to clients, we often get questions like, “How can we develop content -- we’re not that interesting!” or, “We really need more leads -- what kind of content can help us do that?”

In its simplest terms, there are six basic considerations when developing a content strategy:

1. Targets – Who do you want to tell your story to? Be specific, think about the verticals and niche markets that might make sense. Try not to be vague or too broad, focusing on the specific audiences you want to talk to will help guide you through the rest of the process.

2. Pain Points – Once you know who you’ll talk to, think about what pain points they have that you can address. What do your targets struggle with every day and how can you help?

3. Needs – What do your targets really need -- in other words, what will satisfy their pain points? Whether you currently can satisfy those needs or not, include them in your list of considerations as they may drive your future decisions.

4. What will make their lives easier? – This starts to get at the heart of what you can promise and what you’ll want to include in your content. What can you offer that will address their needs and alleviate pain points?

5. What products/services would they use? – Based on what you know about their pains, their needs and what would help them, what can they get from you? Do you have specific products or services that can immediately make an impact? Are those products/services presented in a way to make it easy for them to buy?

6.  Why can't they live without you? – After compiling your list from items 1-5 above, think about what you and only you can offer or promise. What sets you apart? What can you deliver that makes them feel you are the best solution to their challenges?

With these considerations addressed, developing content becomes much simpler. Each piece should address a target, a pain point, a need, a solution (product/service) and a reason to engage you.

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