7 Reasons Your Company Should Adopt Inbound Marketing Today

Sean Johnson
Posted by Sean Johnson on September 11, 2012

Inbound Marketing_7 Reasons your company should adopt it todayWe have really amped up our celebration of the virtues of Inbound Marketing a lot during this past month. True, we've always been excited about it, but with our one-year anniversary passing, the success our clients are seeing and new developments unveiled at Inbound 2012 - well, we've had plenty of reasons to be downright giddy. 

Yet, for all the evidence and our unwavering enthusiasm, we still have a lot of conversations with prospects who are reluctant to pull the trigger and adopt Inbound Marketing for their business. A lot of them acknowledge "Inbound looks to be the way to go," but they just can't seem to take the final step.

We realize the economic jitters has lead to extra caution - though Inbound Marketing is more cost effective - and change is never easy. Inbound is not a magic bullet, and it does require a commitment to the disciplines.

The rewards are more than worth it, though.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 additional reasons your company should adopt Inbound Marketing today:

  1. 85 percent of consumers are looking for a local business when they search online. Yet 25 percent of businesses have no web presence and cannot be found. Without an optimized web presence, how can you attract new prospects and leads?
  2. 88 percent of adults in the US use the Internet, spending about 38.8 hours a month engaged in online activities. Don't you want your marketing efforts aimed at the place you are most likely to find your audience?
  3. 71 percent of adults spend their time online purchasing products for themselves or for their business
  4. 93 percent of Internet users conduct an Internet search with a search engine to find information about the products they are considering purchasing. They are relying on search, but can they find your business?
  5. 75 percent of searchers report they never scroll past the first page of results. What are doing to get your business there?
  6. 69 percent of consumers are posting social media messages at least once a week or more. Social media offers an opportunity to share your content and interact with prospects. It's also playing a more prevalent role in shaping search results
  7. 85 percent of mobile users use their device for Internet searches and social media interaction, and are spending nearly two hours a day doing so. How are you reaching them?

The trends are pretty clear: consumers - both B2B and B2C - are relying more on the web to find information about products and services before they buy. Inbound Marketing gives you the tools and best practices to capitalize on these trends and attract the right prospects to your business, giving you the opportunity to convert them to leads and customers.

Ready to learn more? Check our out Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing to learn more about the disciplines of Inbound Marketing and how you can use them to help your business today.

Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing


(Statistics courtesy of reachlocal.com's 150 Smart Stats Slideshare presentation. Image credit: Insight Marketing Group via Google Images.)

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