The Art of Content Repurposing For Inbound Marketing Sustainability

Jamie Cartwright
Posted by Jamie Cartwright on October 31, 2012

repurpose content for inbound marketingInbound Marketing experts often preach that blogging enhances your marketing strategy because it raises SEO, draws a larger audience, and expands the breadth of content your company offers. But if you’re strategic, blogging and other content creation efforts can build on each other to maximize the reach of your strongest ideas.

Over the past year, Weidert Group has found that blogs are not only essential to producing basic content; they are also vital for creating strong, usable resources for successful lead conversion and nurturing.

Recently, we compiled 8-10 of our most relevant blogs on using LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tool and produced our own eBook called “The Ultimate LinkedIn Guidebook.” By recycling and repurposing good content, we were able to effectively maximize the reach of every word we wrote.

There are two main reasons to plan for reutilizing content for Inbound Marketing: 1) It makes content creation more worthwhile, and 2) it enhances your Inbound Marketing strategy by providing more content in different ways. 

Making content creation more worthwhile

At times, we’ve encountered businesses that struggle to make blogging part of their regular marketing routine. They tend to get discouraged and doubt the impact that blogging can have on growing their business. They sometimes have a point: It can be difficult to write something "original" every day of the week. But by repurposing content for larger, long-term projects, such as eBooks, videos, or new web material, your perspective on blogging and the role it plays in Inbound Marketing strategies will probably change.

After repurposing content, it's harder to think of blogging as just a regularized form of content creation. Instead there are long-term goals associated with it, and it's much easier to conceptualize the thematic patterns that characterize blogging.

This approach can be a huge relief to blog writers and other content creators on your team. It provides long-term goal development to blogging, which is often thought of as periodical and continuous. Although we don't typically plan our blogs in series or themes, we’ve had luck simply thinking thematically. Our goal is to always create content that is fresh and original. However, by purposefully thinking about the range of topics we want to discuss over a period of weeks and months, we begin to shape a picture of what long term goals might be.

Enhancing Inbound Marketing

The variety of our landing pages has risen immensely as we’ve repurposed blog content for new, more advanced content offers. eBooks are very popular right now, as they are more substantive and elaborate than short blog posts. However, never disregard other options for reconstructing content. Tip sheets, videos, infographics, and slide decks are all great options for shaping content into more accessible forms that customers will appreciate.

By creating a variety of strong downloadable content offers using repurposed blog content, you can easily create natural connections between future blog posts and article ending calls-to-action (CTAs). If CTAs feel organic and integrated, they will draw in customers more efficiently.

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