The 4 Best eBooks on Amplifying the Reach of Your Blog Content

Reid Trier
Posted by Reid Trier on September 26, 2016
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You’ve put hours into planning and creating your latest blog article or eBook. And, now, you’ve looked at the metrics and noticed that the content piece has not only struggled to prompt conversions, but it's barely attracted any visitors.

If you’ve found yourself in this position recently, you’re in the right place. While there is an increasing awareness of the need to plan and create content, a well-thought-out content promotion strategy is the true difference maker that helps you stand out from the crowd.

The following four eBooks take a comprehensive approach to content promotion, by offering advice on how to combined owned, paid and earned media tactics to help your content reach your ideal prospects.

1. The Content Promotion Manifesto: How to Get Your Content Seen by Millions


The-Content-Promotion-Manifesto.jpgAuthor Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience and co-founder of, exposes the misconceptions and common mistakes in content marketing today and provides actionable steps you can take to “break through the noise,” and make sure your content engages the right audience.

Pollitt takes a critical look at relying solely on owned media (i.e. social and email promotion), and provides evidence for why this content promotion tactic alone is ineffective. Instead, he believes a combination of all three content promotion tactics—owned, paid and earned media—is the key to content marketing success.

Based on a content marketing “maturity” model, you’ll be able to see where your company currently stands with its content promotion efforts, and learn the tools, methods, strategies, and how to best budget for content marketing. This eBook can help you take steps to reach the end goal of creating synergy between owned, paid and earned media channels.

2. The Comprehensive Guide to Content Promotion


Comprehensive-Guide-to-Content-Promotion.jpgHubSpot has created over 2,000 downloadable offers since their inception, and their offers with well-coordinated campaigns have helped them see a 72 percent increase in leads versus those without coordinated campaigns! Simply put, HubSpot knows a thing or two about lead generating content promotion, and their latest eBook helps you follow their model of success.

The three chapter eBook walks you through three phases of content promotion: planning, organizing, and optimizing content before launching a campaign, coordinating promotion across various channels on launch day, and analyzing/reporting your efforts post-launch.

HubSpot creates a handy timeline of steps to take in the weeks prior to launching your campaign, provides an overview of where and how to promote your advanced content from launch day and beyond, as well as how to measure your success against current content goals. Whether you’re launching your very first content promotion campaign, or are searching for better promotion practices, HubSpot’s eBook breaks the essentials down into easy-to-follow steps.

3. The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion


Advanced-Guide-to-Content-Promotion.jpg“If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. You have to treat your content executions like a product, and launch them the same way you would launch a product.” This is the message from New York Times bestselling author, Jay Baer, and it lies at the heart of Buzzstream’s “The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion” eBook.

With this in mind, there’s a major focus on establishing one principle goal and content promotion objectives for your team prior to launching a campaign. This includes everything from establishing a principle goal for inbound links or sales leads to defining the time and budget necessary to achieve your content promotion goals.

Buzzstream also presents you with an overview of owned, paid, and earned media tactics, before diving into how to best merge these three promotional tactics. This eBook is essential for those looking for tips on planning a content promotion campaign, in addition to steps for campaign execution.

4. High Visibility: How to Share & Promote Blog Content to Reach More Prospects

High-Visibility-eBook.jpgIn a follow-up to “The Business Builders Guide to Crafting a Powerful Blog,” our “High Visibility” eBook takes a closer look at the organic and paid tactics needed to engage prospects and generate leads through content promotion. The eBook also takes a look the various channels of content promotion (e.g., email, Twitter, LinkedIn), and presents questions to ask yourself when determining which channels are best for reaching your target personas.

By breaking down each channel according to factors such as audience, best practices, and preferred content to share, you’ll be able to develop a clear plan of action for each content promotion channel. Moreover, the eBook provides strategies for establishing yourself as an industry thought leader, establishing relationships by sharing others’ content, along with various social media tools for finding and scheduling content.

You’ve poured the time and effort into creating helpful, high-quality content, and the tips in this eBook will help you make it visible to your prospects.

Take Time to Plan Your Content Promotion Strategy

With countless blog articles being published online everyday, a comprehensive and well-thought-out content promotion strategy can be the difference between staying in the weeds and seeing a major increase in leads. Whether you’re launching a content promotion campaign around an advanced content offer or looking for ways to help your blog articles reach your ideal prospects, the tips found in these eBooks are invaluable for your future success.

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