Best Social Media Stories Of The Week

Katie Braun
Posted by Katie Braun on August 4, 2011
Our Best Social Media Stories of the Week are back! There are hundreds of stories out daily that some way incorporate social media, so here are a few of the stories that I found interesting this week: 


1. Top 10 Twitter Trends Last Month
The last months Twitter trends were released this week. No big surprises here though, Harry Potter is near the top of the list, opinions on the ruling of Casey Anthony’s trial made the list, and of course the death of singer Amy Winehouse, which may be a surprise to some considering her death was not.


2. GQ Names Zuckerberg Worst-Dressed Man in Silicon Valley
Well it happened again, Mark Zuckerberg made another Worst Dressed list, this time topping the list of “15 Worst-Dressed Men of Silicon Valley” issued by GQ magazine. A little harsh yes, but I doubt the “high school style” chatter bothers him. Lets be serious, it’s not like he needs the clothes to be successful. And I am pretty positive he could afford nice clothes if he wanted them.


3. Geico App Makes Cavemen Photobomb Your PicsUntitled1This is a great marketing idea by Geico. Secretly, we have all got a good chuckle here and there from Geico’s cavemen commercials. Now, you can download an app that places the cavemen into the photos you take. This could have had a different response however; putting a small green gecko into your pictures would have been a little creepy, good choice Geico. 


4. Missouri Forbids Teachers and Students To Be Facebook Friends
The law going into effect on August 28 in Missouri will ban Facebook friendships between staff and students. I’m glad to hear that steps are being taken to stop inappropriate relationships between students and teachers, but how are they going to regulate this? The story asks the same question. Now I personally do not understand why any student would want to be Facebook friends with their high school teachers, while still in school anyway. The idea is the there, but the plan doesn’t seem well thought out. 

Let us know your opinions on these stories!

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