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Meg Hoppe
Posted by Meg Hoppe on September 9, 2011

gop debateRecently, our Inbound Marketing team talked about blogging with a prospective client – one who gives executives the skills needed to make successful speeches and presentations. He expressed anxiety not just about having enough time to create blog posts (a pretty common concern), but about having the time to figure out what he's going to write about.

It just so happened that later the same day the Republican debates were to be televised. As we chatted casually about the candidates (and wondered who some of them were), our prospect immediately recognized a principle of effective Inbound Marketing: Create content that's topical in a way that relates to what you do.

While pundits and others would be writing primarily about "who won," our prospect intended to share his thoughts on the candidates skills (or lack thereof) as presenters – the quality of their voices, whether they helped the audience retain key points, their use of non-verbal communication, their posture, their use of drama, etc.

Keep this in mind as you're looking for "something to write about." Focus on what's happening today, when appropriate, and relate it to what you do.

Inbound Marketing is about providing fresh content via your website and blog; what's even more powerful from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective is to create fresh content that's topical. The more current the information is, the more likely search engines will grab hold of it. Two reasons topical posts are more attractive to search engines:

  1. Search engines' algorithms take into account what others are searching for and are more drawn to your site if you're sharing related information

  2. People are more likely to be searching for something that's happening right now (the Republican debates probably got more searches than, say, the Reformation of the 1600s), so they're more apt to find you through keyword search

Think of all the industries that could share their thoughts about the debate: clothing manufacturers, lighting engineers, microphone equipment suppliers, the podium industry (there's gotta be one), event planners, tie makers, convention bureaus, antiperspirant and makeup manufacturers...

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