Weidert Wednesday: What is a Company Culture Video & Why You Need One

Tammy Borden
Posted by Tammy Borden on August 25, 2021

The skilled labor shortage was already a major challenge for manufacturers and B2B industries prior to the pandemic. Now, the labor gap is reaching critical levels for some. 

How can you reach prospective employees? More importantly, how can you convince them that you’re the employer of choice?


There are lots of statistics proving video’s value for B2B organizations to market their goods and services and support their sales teams. Video is now quickly becoming a top recruiting tool for HR to help companies stand out.

In today’s Weidert Wednesday video, you’ll learn what’s most important to include in a company culture video as part of your recruitment marketing, and why.


Most every company on the planet today is experiencing a labor shortage…but even if you aren’t one of them, you need a culture video!

Would you ever buy a house after only reading a few paragraphs about it? Certainly not — you’d want to see it inside and out, and you’d do that during a house tour.

By the same token, you can’t expect prospective employees to invest part of their lives in your company just by reading something you write about it – they, too, want a tour… and you can give that to them with a video. 

A video uses sight, sound, and motion to highlight the things that will convince people you are the employer they’ve been looking for.

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What Should a Culture Video Feature? 

It depends on the type of organization you run, but let’s talk about industrials, since most of our clients are in that space.

A typical man or woman looking for this kind of work doesn’t just want to know about pay and benefits. What will eventually motivate them to apply are things like:


They want to see what the facility looks like – is it clean, bright, and well-maintained? Is it safe? Part of your video should be a walkthrough of the spaces a worker will be frequenting most.


They also want to see workstations. Show a variety of equipment and people using them. Some applicants may have doubts about their ability to do the work, and this could help reassure them. For some, the equipment is pretty cool, and featuring it this way could appeal to them.

Common Areas

Prospective candidates also want to see your break room and common areas. What they see will tell them how much effort you’re willing to put into providing places to relax and connect with others during the day.

Policies & Perks

These are a little harder to show, but you can talk about the policies and perks you’ve developed to help workers maintain a good work/life balance. This message is best delivered by current employees, as they have the most credibility when talking about how happy they’ll be working at your company. Scripting and rehearsing these on-camera testimonials is never a good idea, though — keep it real and conversational for maximum impact.


Finally, prospective employees will learn the most about your culture by hearing what leadership has to say. People understand that a culture starts and is fostered by the C-suite, so it’s important to hear — straight from the horse’s mouth — what employees mean to the company. 

A culture video should feature leaders talking directly, and naturally, about things like:

  • Their management style
  • Their business principles
  • Their appreciation for employees’ contributions to the company’s success
  • What they feel their responsibility to employees is
  • What it is they’d like employees to feel about the company

In short, as long as your salary and benefits package is in line with other employers in your area, what’s going to be most compelling to prospective candidates are the “feel-good” things…the things that show you value your employees, that you want to invest in them, that you treat them with respect, and that you recognize how important they are to your success.

If you need help outlining all the things that make yours a company people should want to work for, and bringing it to energetic life via video, we’re ready.

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Getting Started

Producing a video that conveys professionalism and excellence can indicate to prospective employees that they’ll be treated likewise when they walk through your doors. To attract the best candidates, it’s important to make sure your company is shown in the best light possible. Make sure you shine.

Video marketing is just one part of a recruiting strategy, though. For the complete guide on recruiting essentials, check out our free eBook below with additional tips, tools, and strategies.

Also, be sure to contact us to explore how our team can help you produce a company culture video as part of your overall inbound and recruitment marketing strategy.

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