Don't Overlook Video As Part of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on November 22, 2011

In today's arms race of creating fresh, valuable content it's apparent that content primarily takes the form of written word, but content in the form as video should not be overlooked or avoided. It's proven the impact of video for the right message can be extremely powerful. Thanks to the YouTube generation of self-produced videos via Flip Video Cameras and iPhones, it's become acceptable to publish less than studio quality videos if they offer something of value to the viewer. Programs such as iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker then make it easy to edit your video to share with the world.

Included here is an example of a Weidert Group video production that our team developed in-house last week with the use of a Flip Video Camera and iMovie. We're not expecting to win a Best Picture award but it effectively allows us to educate our website visitors on Inbound Marketing and how an Inbound Marketing agency like ourselves can help implement and manage Inbound Marketing on their behalf.



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