10 Ways to Generate Fresh Ideas for Your Manufacturing Blog

May 26, 2016

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Posted by Vicki Woschnick


You’re ready to write a post for your manufacturing blog, but you’re at a loss for ideas. At those times when it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun, where do you turn for inspiration?

Great manufacturing blog topics may be closer than you think. Here are some easy ways to find – and create – subject matter that’s relevant and engaging: 

1. Review questions and comments.

Social media conversations are great fodder for content. Use your blog to answer questions that customers are asking on your Facebook page, or look to comments on previous blogs or “contact us” pages for fresh angles on previous topics.

2. Repurpose webinars and videos.

Embedding videos provides visual interest, and gives you the content option of transcribing the script or finding a different angle to start a completely new discussion.

3. Leverage social networks.

Scan manufacturing-related LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Community pages to identify current issues. If you follow industry experts on Twitter, periodically check your feed and note trending topics.

4. Fire up the search engine.

Set alerts to deliver industry-related headlines to your email inbox; search a few popular titles or keywords from your previous posts and see what related ideas come up; and, poke around in customer reviews of your products and services for recurrent themes.

5. Debunk a myth.

Don’t be afraid to take on common manufacturing myths and explain why they’re misconceptions. Use the opportunity to discuss how your products and services address similar, actual manufacturing challenges.

6. Showcase research and case studies.

Reinforce your position as an industry thought leader with whitepaper overviews (and links to expanded content), and celebrate your customers’ successes by sharing detailed case studies.

7. Conduct interviews.

Hearing firsthand about your business from industry partners, employees and customers is an effective way to feature (and recruit) enthusiastic brand evangelists.

8. Summarize learnings from industry events.

Attend a seminar, workshop or tradeshow recently? Share the key takeaways in an at-a-glance list.

9. Highlight community involvement.

Bring some awareness to and invite participation in local charitable events and volunteer opportunities that your company supports. 

10. Pick others’ brains.

If you’re stumped for content, don’t feel you have to go it alone. Brainstorm with co-workers and compile a list of topics that surface.

Whether you use all of these tips or regularly implement only a few, you’ll be well on your way to a variety of ideas that will keep your manufacturing blog fresh.

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Written by Vicki Woschnick

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