Hashtags, Replies and Links…Oh My!

Tami Wessley
Posted by Tami Wessley on April 18, 2013


New functionality has hit Facebook Pages! Three upgrades are making it easier for marketers to interact with their customers and prospects.

Replies and Threaded Comments

Facebook has always encouraged page visitors to share comments but there was no good way to have a connected conversation. Too often, comments were disjointed and responses so far down a thread they didn’t seem to make any sense. “Replies” was just introduced making it much easier for companies and their followers to interact. Assuming the reply option is turned on, individual comments can be responded to and followed in an easy-to-read format. Customer service, relevant conversations and Q & A are now so much easier!


Links and Text on Cover Photos

Finally, companies and organizations can now use their cover photo like a billboard or call to action! As long as there’s less than 20% text on the image, feel free to promote an offer, emphasize your location/phone, include a call-to-action with link to your website. If you’re a devotee of Inbound Marketing (and you should be!) make sure to start adding CTAs for your advanced content in this area to attract more leads.


Ok, so it isn’t a new functionality just yet but hashtags coming to Facebook is a pretty poorly kept secret. In fact, an unnamed source for the Wall Street Journal said, "Facebook is working on incorporating the hashtag, one of Twitter's most iconic markers, into its service by using the symbol as a way to group conversations.” Companies like Starbucks even have relevant hashtags posted on their Page encouraging visitors to follow the trending topic.


Since Facebook now owns Instagram, which currently uses hashtag functionality, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook rolls it out. Marketing research, live chats, topic monitoring and prospect mining could all be executed right through Facebook.

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