How A Blog Can Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Jessica Bedore
Posted by Jessica Bedore on May 21, 2012

business blogging for seoIf your company is doing any kind of online marketing, you've probably spent considerable time thinking about SEO and how you can improve your position in search rankings. We all aspire to have our company hold that #1 organic search position but there's often confusion on where to start.

Writing and maintaining a blog can play a big role in the success of your company’s online marketing strategy. A blog helps your targets find you, it attracts more traffic to your site, and providing quality blog content (optimized with your target keywords) can improve your site's rank in search.

That's because each day you publish a blog post, you create new content for search engines to crawl and index; doing this on a consistent basis brings the search crawlers back to your site where they start learning that you're a source of fresh content that should be visited often. As long as you're publishing valuable content, you'll improve search rankings for your site/blog.

Outside of the SEO benefits, the goal of your blog should be to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry. That thought leadership, with the inclusion of your keywords, will quickly establish your blog as a must-read and attract your prospects to your website.

Here are some simple guidelines that'll help you build a company blog that prospects looks forward to reading:

Create a blogging schedule
Although it's not necessary to blog every day, keep in mind that the more often you blog, the better. The most important thing is that you're consistent. You will attract more loyal readers to your blog if they know they can count on new content on a regular schedule.

Promote, promote, promote
If you're going to take the time to write blog postings, make sure you share them across multiple platforms. Go beyond the traditional social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and try using LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or YouTube to showcase your latest updates. And don’t skimp on promoting! Share it on as many platforms as you can to increase readership and drive traffic to your blog or website.

Engage with readers
In today’s social media age, if you're not engaging, you’re losing. Followers of your company want to know that you care about what they have to say. So, if someone comments on a post, never leave it unanswered. Engaging with readers is the best way to keep the conversation in your post going and generate new insights.

Give credit when necessary
There's nothing worse than a blog post that's been basically re-worded from another posting. While there's nothing wrong with referencing another blog, credit should always be given and new content should always be added to what’s already out there. If you use another blog post, provide a link to that site. Doing so will increase the visibility of your blog and, thus, could increase readership!

For some additional tips to maintaining a great blog, see our free tip sheet "10 Ways to Keep Your Blog Stocked With Great Content."

10 ways to keep your blog stocked with great content

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