How Simple Online Public Relations Can Boost Your SEO Results

Sean Johnson
Posted by Sean Johnson on March 29, 2012

Weidert Group Public Relations for SEO ResultsPublic relations can do a lot to help your business grow. 

A good PR pro can help to polish your company's reputation and build positive relationship with not only the media, but all of your company's potential publics. Those are important aspects of maintaining and enhancing positive positioning of your brand. 

Yet, many small and medium-sized businesses shy away from a concerted public relations strategy because they don't think they have enough news to justify the effort. They couldn't be more wrong. That thought is driven by a traditional view of news directed by what the major media reports. Certainly, that's an important component, and we love to help companies get their news featured in major publications and broadcast outlets. But the first word in PR is public, and, with all the online marketing tools at your disposal, you no longer need the traditional media to reach your target publics.

Public relations is content. In this age of content marketing, you need to create content that your target public will find when it goes online in search of solutions to its problems.

Some simple PR can give you that content and help you boost your SEO results at the same time.   

What do we mean by simple? Your online press releases don't need to feature block-buster development. News, by definition, can be anything new, unique, interesting or useful. That means it can be as simple as:

    • Hiring a new employee
    • Signing a new contract for service
    • Winning an award
    • Launching a new service
    • Creating a new tip sheet or whitepaper

Any of those items can be featured in a short press release that you publish on your website. Properly optimized and promoted via social media, it's another opportunity to create new links and attract prospects to your website.

Here are 5 tips for creating a press release that can boost your SEO results: 

    • Make sure your release includes one of your primary keywords
    • Try to work the keyword into the beginning of the news release's headline
    • Keep the headline to eight words or less, including your keyword
    • Include keyword-rich links in your press release to the relevant areas of your website
    • Repeat the primary keyword in the body of the document where appropriate - don't keyword stuff

Once your release is published on your website, make sure that you promote it using your social media tools. 

To learn more about how content creation, public relations and SEO can help your website and business, check out our free guide.

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