How Social Media Can Help You Get An Internship

Katie Braun
Posted by Katie Braun on June 23, 2011

A hot topic and trend today is using social media to promote yoursocial media company. Students looking for internships can also utilize social media to promote themselves. Forbes recently posted 12 tips to help internship seekers land an internship. These tips are great for finding internships as well as managing your social media even if you aren’t on the job hunt.

Use Social Media to Land an Internship

Internship seekers frequently use social networking sites to make professional connections and search for employment opportunities, among other things. But some don’t know that employers are reciprocating, utilizing social media to vet prospective internship candidates. Plenty of companies are using popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to search for interns. It’s important that job seekers keep this in mind as they continue to establish their online footprint. Here are 8 tips for managing and leveraging social media sites to find an internship:

Get Connected. First and foremost, create accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or any other social media sites that you’re interested in. If you already have accounts with those sites, consider cleaning them up. Update your profile, take down inappropriate photos or posts, and make sure your email is up-to-date. Lastly, check your privacy settings. You want to be visible enough for employers to find you.

Treat Your Profile As Your Resume. Treat your profile somewhat like a résumé. Be sure to include information about your education, work experience, skills and interests.

Maintain A Professional Page. After cleaning them up, maintain professional and appropriate pages. Keep tabs on what others are posting on your wall and the photos you’re tagged in. Let your friends and family know that you’re using these social media sites as an internship search tool.

Be Proactive. Friend, follow and connect with companies you’re interested in. Join or subscribe to company and industry groups, as well.

Stay Connected. Join your college alumni group on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow your college's Twitter feed.

Ask For Help. Post a general note on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn asking for help. It can go a long way.

Network. Message your friends and family directly to let them know you’re looking for an internship. Ask if they know current or former employees at the companies you’re interested in.

Utilize The Apps. Explore the different tools these social media sites offer. Apps have been -- and are continuing to be -- developed to make social recruiting an easier task to undertake, according to Consider using apps like CareerAmp on Facebook, which helps users manage the professional connections they make through their friends and friends-of-friends.

Ask For An Introduction. If your friends or family have any contacts at those companies, ask for an introduction. Then friend, follow or connect with those contacts online.

Stay On Top Of It. Frequently check your accounts. Don’t create them and abandon them. If an employer discovers your profile and sees it hasn’t been updated in weeks or months, they’re likely to move on. Another reason to check your accounts frequently: You may have messages from friends, family or companies about internship opportunities. You don’t want to miss those.

Be Persistent. Never stop updating your profiles and pages with any new experience, accomplishments or skills. Continue adding contacts to your network, joining groups, and asking for help. This demonstrated to employers that you're diligent and persistent.

Continue Networking. Continue doing these things once you land an internship or job. Maintaining strong social and professional networks will be fundamental throughout your career.
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