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Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on August 22, 2023
Weidert Group promotions

What a summer!

New promotions and a valuable HubSpot accreditation have put Weidert Group in an even better position for continued growth and client successes.

Let’s get right to it.

Team Promotions

Our latest promotions mean new opportunities not just for those who’ve been promoted, but for our clients and the agency as well. These team members have been instrumental in advancing our clients toward their business growth goals, and they’re looking forward to taking on more challenges.

To reward exceptional performance and address new operational strategies, we’ve made the following promotions:

Jonathan Stanis has been promoted to Web Strategist, a role in which he will guide clients and our internal teams through website builds using his technical development skills. He will also lead our team of expert HubSpot CMS developers.

Stacy Bouchard has been promoted to Senior Strategist, making her a crucial leader in every key marketing decision for clients. In her role, she’ll be analyzing evolving market and industry conditions that could affect her clients’ businesses, and looking forward for opportunities to leverage inbound marketing to help clients achieve their growth goals.

Kate Eastman is now a Strategist. In this role, she will be taking a deep and broad view of clients’ businesses, industries, and customers in order to develop and guide the execution of strategic inbound programs for her clients.

Chelsea Drusch  now has the title of Strategist & SEO Manager. In this role she will lead the development and execution of her clients' strategic marketing plans; at the same time, she'll use her expansive, cutting-edge knowledge of content strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) to advise clients on the best ways to leverage the power of SEO to help them reach their business goals.

Reid Trier has been promoted to Senior Consultant in recognition of the extent to which clients lean on him as a trusted advisor. Reid contributes to long-term marketing strategies, and spearheads the execution of inbound marketing plans proven to grow clients’ businesses.

HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation

HubSpot accredited Onboarding partnerAdding to our capabilities to serve clients as a HubSpot Platinum partner, Weidert Group has earned HubSpot’s Onboarding Accreditation. 

We received this accreditation as part of a larger initiative to provide a more customized onboarding experience for new clients that also meets HubSpot’s high standards for platform success.

Partners who earn this accreditation go through a rigorous process with HubSpot, which includes demonstrating our capabilities and mastering their curriculum. In addition to having at least Platinum tier status, to receive this accreditation, we were required to:

  • Show that we provided onboarding for a customer with Marketing Hub and Sales Hub at the Professional (or higher) subscription level within the past year
  • Demonstrate our experience in HubSpot’s objectives-based onboarding
  • Ensure team members have had experience in configuring the Salesforce connector and other marketplace connectors
  • Meet HubSpot Academy certification prerequisites as determined by HubSpot
  • Submit documents that we’ve actually used when delivering this service to clients as a real-world example of our processes and expertise 

Customizable HubSpot Onboarding Options

In conjunction with this accreditation, we’re now able to offer more personalized HubSpot Onboarding experiences tailored to prospective clients’ needs. In fact, interested organizations can take a look at our newly launched HubSpot Onboarding Services page and see what’s in store for anyone looking to onboard with us. 

quick start and guided hubspot onboarding options at weidert group

Prospects will choose one of two primary paths to tap into our team of HubSpot experts: Quick Start Onboarding or Guided Onboarding. From there, you are able to customize your experience based on your goals, your needs, the speed at which you want to move, and the Hubs you’re looking to set up.

Whether clients want to start seeing better results from HubSpot more quickly or would prefer added guidance from our experts, they’ll get what they need. Weidert Group Consultant Brian Loesch will serve as our dedicated HubSpot onboarding coach and trainer. Brian has been part of the Weidert team for almost a year and we quickly discovered how deep his HubSpot expertise goes. We’re excited that more customers will get the chance to benefit from his guidance! 

Looking Forward

The changes we’ve made at Weidert Group were, as always, made with consideration of our valued client partnerships and what we want to achieve together. As we move ahead for the rest of 2023 and beyond, we’re eager to further assist clients with leveraging the power of HubSpot to fuel their success.

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