IntelliTrack Website Built on HubSpot CMS Enterprise Integrates Digital Transformations

Amanda Retzki
Posted by Amanda Retzki on March 29, 2022
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Barcoding is a North American supply chain automation and innovation company that helps its customers increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve their customers’ experience through supply chain data capture. Barcoding delivers expertise in technologies, tools, and support services to maximize customers’ investments in modernization and optimize the business benefits of digital transformation.

Barcoding realized they needed to execute a digital transformation of their own — in the form of a revamp and relaunch of legacy software — in order to help drive the digital transformation of their customers. They chose to work closely with their Weidert Group inbound and web team using HubSpot CMS to create a standalone, product-focused website that could still maximize the benefit of the company's existing domain authority and SEO rankings.


Barcoding combined three legacy asset tracking software products into a new, unified platform: IntelliTrack. The relaunch called for a freshly branded, product-focused website to drive interest in the platform’s updated capabilities and UX improvements and meet the following objectives:

  • Employ SEO strategy and UX design to attract the right audiences and guide them along optimal navigational paths
  • Deliver targeted product stories to 9 distinct buyer personas about 4 different software components
  • Demonstrate how different bundled configurations work, and how bundling IntelliTrack with Barcoding’s GoLive ServicesTM and StayLive ServicesTM can create a truly individualized, custom asset tracking solution for each customer
  • Align new product branding with Barcoding brand standards while enabling the IntelliTrack website to stand on its own
  • Create conversion opportunities to deliver leads that meet the intent and follow-up plans of Sales and Marketing

Building the new site would require collaboration between multiple client stakeholders including Product Development, Marketing, and Sales, along with Weidert Group’s client service and web design teams — and the new site needed to be completed within a three-month timeline to meet the product launch deadline.


Before-and-After website design

Because they built Barcoding’s core website on HubSpot CMS in 2021 (for which the team received an American Inhouse Design Award from Graphic Design USA), the Weidert Group team was intimately familiar with its content and structure. This not only enabled them to move quickly; it also lent the web team strategic insight into the best ways to connect the IntelliTrack and Barcoding sites to maximize efficiency without sacrificing user experience. For example, the IntelliTrack site connects directly to Barcoding’s Privacy, Terms & Conditions, and Contact pages. 

They used HubSpot CMS Enterprise and SEO tools, and integrated Google Analytics, Search Console, and GTAG.

Adding a brand domain to Barcoding’s existing Enterprise setup saved significant time, effort, and cost. Weidert Group also interlaced IntelliTrack site promotion into Barcoding’s inbound marketing editorial calendar to optimize the promotional impact on the main site’s domain authority and SEO rankings, and help get the best bang for Barcoding’s marketing buck.

The site showcases IntelliTrack’s easy-to-use interface and highlights multiple enterprise use cases for the platform. Navigation makes it easy for prospective users all across an enterprise to see how IntelliTrack can work for them — and it’s just as easy to request a consultation or contact the Barcoding team.


As Barcoding adds new software capabilities to IntelliTrack, the ongoing agency relationship will ensure they’re cohesively added to the site, and ongoing inbound marketing will continue to support new and existing content. 

Primary Tools Used:

  • HubSpot CMS Enterprise
  • HubSpot brand domain
  • HubSpot SEO
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager


easy sales enablement conversion-pathIt was vital to generate new interest and opportunities right out of the gate. The new IntelliTrack site launched on time and on budget, and the conversion experience and early results enabled the sales team to begin building awareness and generating a pool of qualified prospects they could reach out to. In the first month online, the new site generated 7 new marketing opportunities for sales team followup, including 3 SQLs.



Barcoding is confident about continuing to grow the site and brand authority as new IntelliTrack capabilities are released, since the design and architecture are streamlined and ready to accept new rollouts. As an organization that’s all about helping customers optimize data’s power by integrating it and making it accessible for users across an enterprise, Barcoding is excited to incorporate data from both the original corporate site and the new IntelliTrack site into ongoing inbound marketing and sales enablement strategies, using the features and capabilities of HubSpot Enterprise CMS.

Continued support of IntelliTrack includes:

  • Keyword strategy iterations and position tracking
  • IntelliTrack-focused topics and backlink opportunities in the editorial calendar and inbound marketing program
  • Paid ad campaigns and organic social media work to add energy to the flywheel starting with the Attract phase

Going forward with Weidert Group, we see no chance of slowing down. We have so many ideas and ways that we want to collaborate.

— Jody Costa, Barcoding VP of Marketing

IntelliTrack is a key part of Barcoding’s ambitious growth strategy, so building digital brand authority is an essential near-term goal, while the long-term focus on customer delight always remains fundamental. What’s exciting and empowering is how much more Barcoding can do with the data and insights the websites deliver to Marketing, Sales, and Service teams — all in their centralized HubSpot CRM platform.

Ongoing collaboration between Barcoding and the Weidert Group team includes:

  • Evolving the IntelliTrack site into a user-centered product hub, starting with content enhancements as new product features are released
  • Monitoring attraction and conversion metrics, and creating new resources as the websites deliver insights into what people want and how they want to engage
  • Customer-supporting content to address specific user needs as the client continues to onboard IntelliTrack customers
  • Work ranging from high level strategy to keyword performance, conversions, SEO updates and continuous improvements

Weidert Group and Barcoding have tremendous confidence in the HubSpot platform and inbound as a growth strategy, and both teams look forward to working together to continue maximizing business opportunities, building brand authority, and delighting customers well into the future

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