Pumptec Reduces Friction and Increases Sales By 39% With HubSpot CRM & Growth Suite

Reid Trier
Posted by Reid Trier on March 30, 2021

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Pumptec is a manufacturer of industrial-grade, high-pressure electric commercial pumps for OEMs. Their innovative products have been featured in many national brands – and even made an appearance at the Olympic Games. They serve multiple industries including commercial cleaning, agriculture, disinfection, pest control, lawn care, hydrostatic testing, and more.

Being forced to conduct business virtually due to the pandemic, Pumptec realized the need to improve their online presence and streamline their sales processes. The company began their partnership with Weidert Group, a HubSpot Diamond Partner, in May 2020.


At Pumptec, taking care of customers is part of their DNA... yet they struggled to provide transparency among their Sales and Service teams. The company’s tracking system was extremely tedious and prone to errors, and it was very difficult to share and track information from one person to the next; it was also difficult to gauge performance metrics. Communication wasn’t efficient, either: much to everyone’s frustration, the entire Sales team was copied on every email, whether it was related to their customer or not.

The company used multiple systems and disparate processes to manage customers and leads:

  • Excel spreadsheets and an inadequate CRM often resulted in duplicate or incomplete entries
  • A third software platform, not integrated with other systems, was used to send out promotional emails
  • Emails were impersonal and contacts weren’t segmented into industries or given lead scores

Ultimately, managing customers and leads was hit-and-miss, and the Pumptec team was blind to which marketing efforts provided the biggest payback.


Pumptec first engaged Weidert Group in spring of 2020 with the goal of launching a new website and adopting an inbound marketing approach. Using the HubSpot CMS, Weidert Group designed and launched Pumptec’s new website and, after years of not publishing new content, Weidert Group began publishing blog articles and advanced content pieces to demonstrate Pumptec’s industry expertise to their best prospects. 

With a new online presence, Pumptec saw 58 MQLs within the first 90 days.

before and after of pumptec's website

It quickly became evident that Pumptec would benefit from expanding their HubSpot license to include the full HubSpot growth suite. In doing so, they would be able to address the needs of their Sales and Service teams by reducing friction through better tracking, managing, and responding to prospects and customers.

In August of 2020 they began utilizing Marketing Hub Professional, Sales Hub Professional, and Service Hub Professional to better engage leads and delight customers.

With the addition of Sales
Professional and HubSpot CRM
sales tools, they could now:

  • Get notified when leads converted on their website
  • Use custom sales dashboards and track deal revenue
  • Easily track and organize tasks, calls, activities, and notes in a single platform
  • Create visibility and transparency across all teams
  • Manage customer and lead outreach
  • Send and track emails by pipeline and industry
  • Gauge campaign performance metrics and track engagement
  • ...and more

hubspot sales dashboard report


“HubSpot combines everything we need into one easy-to-use tool. Emails to and from contacts are automatically tracked, mass emails are tailored to each industry segment, and we know exactly how each inbound lead found us and which efforts work the best.” — Steve Babcock, Pumptec

Increased sales as a result of a holistic inbound approach. Pumptec experienced an increase in organic traffic and leads due to the new website and SEO strategies, plus nurturing of existing customers. In addition, Pumptec leveraged pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to launch a disinfection pump campaign. This holistic approach amplified sales activity resulting in 11 new contacts and two new customers!

hubspot sales deal forecast

Reduced friction. Sales Hub Professional provided a multi-pronged solution for Sales and Customer Service in a single, easy-to-use platform that significantly reduced the friction felt by Sales, Service personnel, and customers using their old methods. Pumptec embraced the possibilities by leveraging Net Promoter Score (NPS) capabilities and customer feedback surveys.

Delighted teams. Embracing the robust capabilities of HubSpot Sales Professional and HubSpot CRM required a new way of thinking. Pumptec’s Sales and Customer Service teams are delighted with the detailed reports, and their new ability to track the rolling seven days of pipeline activities by individual companies and sales reps. 

sales activity dashboard report

The impact of embracing HubSpot tools isn’t just felt, it’s seen:

  • Pumptec sales increased 39% in the nine months since first partnering with Weidert Group
  • 52% of new business in 2021 is due to inbound sales — up from 27% in 2020
  • Average new customer sale has increased 89% from $1,646.32 in 2020 to $3,119.29 thus far in 2021 due to increased lead quality from inbound
  • Year to date Pumptec has already achieved 52% of their total 2020 new business
  • Pumptec secured an order of 300 pumps as a direct result of a targeted campaign to the disinfection industry using a combination of organic inbound marketing and paid ads
  • 40 new significant qualified opportunities have engaged with Sales and are going through the proposal process
  • Zero additional Sales staff needed to be added in order to handle increased sales opportunities because of the improved efficiencies of Sales Hub Professional and the quality of inbound leads


By removing friction in the sales process with HubSpot CRM and sales tools, Pumptec had their best year ever, far surpassing previous sales records. Not only have sales increased despite major challenges brought on by the pandemic, they’ve seen their sales cycle shrink considerably since utilizing HubSpot and inbound marketing.

For example, because of the streamlined sales process, the order for 300 disinfection pumps mentioned above took just 8 weeks from initial contact to purchase order, a decrease in their previous typical sales cycle of six months or more — a 33% reduction in client onboarding time.


Customers now look to Pumptec more than ever as experts in the commercial pump industry, not only for their ingenuity and product innovation, but for their impressive online presence, impressive responsiveness, streamlined customer service, and frictionless sales processes.

As Pumptec works toward continuous improvement in all they do, they’re also increasing their mastery of Service Hub to delight current customers — ensuring more force and less friction at all stages of the flywheel.

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