Inbound Marketing: 50 Awesome Content Ideas

Meg Hoppe
Posted by Meg Hoppe on August 10, 2012

Awesome_Content_ideasFrom the simple to the complex, from blog posts to downloadable content, we racked our brains and created a content list you’re gonna want to tape to your wall. It’s 50 ideas that you can turn to for inspiration when the page is blank and your boss is breathing down your neck.

Any content you offer must be relevant and meaningful to your prospects. You may be writing about your company or your product, but it has to answer the prospects’ question, “What’s in it for me?”

Happy Friday!

  1. Offer a downloadable pdf of your product catalog           
  2. Create a simple, concise features & benefits fact sheet for each of your products
  3. Offer a printable coupon or special offer via your blog
  4. Create guidebooks that illustrate how to use your product, e.g., how to strip wallpaper in half the time, how to tape and mud drywall
  5. Share press releases about any new hires who directly impact customer experience
  6. Blog brief bios of customer-facing employees. Make sure the strengths you highlight are relevant to their role and your audience
  7. Blog about any enhancements or additions to your capabilities
  8. Develop an online ROI calculator prospects can use to determine the potential your product represents
  9. Blog about upcoming events you’re going to be part of (trade shows, seminars)
  10. Create customer video testimonials. No high-end production necessary – just a Flip cam and some good questions
  11. Demonstrate how your product is used via video
  12. Present a side-by-side comparison with competitor’s product, on video, in a fact sheet or in a case study
  13. Write a case study demonstrating how your product increases productivity, saves costs, reduces waste, etc.
  14. Share all press releases via social media
  15. Provide your annual report in a downloadable pdf
  16. Blog about emerging trends in your industry and how they will affect the prospect
  17. Blog about emerging trends in your customers’ industries/lives and how your product helps solve associated challenges
  18. Create an infographic illustrating a trend, your process, relevant facts, etc.
  19. Write a how-to guide your prospects can use as they make a purchase decision (e.g., how to choose the right financial planner; how to get the most from your healthcare provider)
  20. Write an ebook about a significant prospect pain point and why your product is the right solution
  21. Create a checklist prospects can use to help guide their decision to buy (e.g., before buying insurance, ask yourself these 10 questions)
  22. Create a humorous video that has potential to go viral; have fun with your industry, your brand, your products
  23. Videotape one of your sales people answering the top 5 questions s/he gets asked most often about your product
  24. Develop a webinar that discusses a new capability or emerging trends
  25. Blog about an award you’ve received and explain why it means something to prospects (a “green” award might mean that your product fits into prospects sustainability efforts)
  26. Blog about all new products as you launch them
  27. Develop a fact sheet that provides interesting details about your business (i.e., “If you laid the number of XYZ items we create every year end-to-end, it would stretch from here to West Sawmouth, Indiana.”)
  28. Videotape your production process, focusing on the areas that distinguish your product
  29. Blog about any team events that enhance how you do business (i.e., leadership training, productivity seminars, etc.)
  30. Add images of your product to your Pinterest page
  31. Create “lifestyle” Pinterest boards that feature products or services related to or that enhance your own
  32. Offer downloadable pdfs of your collateral materials
  33. Conduct a survey about customer attitudes, industry trends, wants/needs, etc., on your blog
  34. Post survey results on your blog
  35. Videotape relevant portions of industry events you attend, like trade shows or conferences
  36. Blog about any instance of your product being used in a widely known application or an important event (i.e. printed inaugural napkins!)
  37. Create a fact sheet of surprising/interesting/little-known statistics about your product or industry
  38. Write a blog about the “Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About XYZ Company.” This is a chance to promote the products or services current customers don’t seem to know you offer
  39. Develop a downloadable timeline that helps prospects better understand the process of buying, using, or getting ROI from your product
  40. Offer a downloadable overview of the product options prospects have for different applications
  41. Create a tip sheet offering helpful usage advice (e.g., what stains to use on different types of wood; what type of grass to plant in shady areas)
  42. Offer a tip sheet offering ways to overcome most common objections your customers encounter
  43. Offer a sample kit that includes product samples, an overview brochure and a coupon or discount on future orders
  44. Create a tip sheet explaining industry terminology
  45. Create case studies highlighting your customers' success connected to use of your product or service
  46. React to relevant current events with issue-hijacking blogs that inject your product or service into another relevant situation receiving focused media attention
  47. Create an infographic that maps a target industry's structure, key players, and relevant metrics
  48. Write a blog recognizing industry innovation and celebrating the people who made it happen
  49. Create a tip sheet identifying the steps your customers could take to qualify for targeted grants
  50. Videotape your company's participation in a community event

And that's just a start – next Friday Weidert Group will give you Another 50 Awesome Content Ideas, so stay tuned!

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