Inbound Marketing: 55 More Awesome Content Ideas

Meg Hoppe
Posted by Meg Hoppe on August 17, 2012

55 awesome content ideasIf you read last Friday’s blog, 50 Awesome Content Ideas, you know that we promised 50 more this week. Not only are we throwing in 5 extra (for the same low price of FREE), but we made them even more meaningful: Rather than provide general content ideas, we developed them for a specific (and fictitious) business – Acme Home Builders & Remodelers. This should help you visualize the types of content you could be sharing with your audience – even if you’re not a home builder.

As you read through Acme’s content ideas, think about how, with modifications, you could modify each to work for your product and your audience.

The key to great content is understanding what your prospects need to know before making a purchase, and what their pain points and challenges are. With that as the foundation, your content will achieve its goal: to make your prospects more informed buyers and position your product as the solution to their challenges.

 Here they are: 50 (plus 5) Awesome Content Ideas

  1. Info sheet: Products & Processes That Set Us Apart. An overview of Acme’s craftsmanship and materials and how they result in a better home project.
  2. Tip sheet: 10 Things You Should Know About Radon (or aluminum siding or laying sod or the care of marble, etc.)
  3. Video: Before and after video of a recent renovation project
  4. Tip sheet: 10 Questions To Ask A Contractor Before You Buy. Questions about insurance and bonding, experience, customers, materials, payment plans, etc.
  5. eBook: House Design Trends 2013
  6. Tip sheet: How To Avoid A Damp Basement (or peeling paint or foundation cracks, etc.)
  7. Pinterest pin: Images of recent home projects, interior and exterior
  8. Video: Happy homeowner testimonials
  9. Video: Tour of home interiors focused on craftsmanship and materials
  10. Info sheet: Home price trends in your area for the past 5 years
  11. How-to guide: How to choose the right mortgage broker (or landscaper or carpeting or light fixtures, etc.)
  12. Blog post: Discussion about current mortgage rates and where they’re expected to go; roll in why it’s best to build or renovate now
  13. Tip sheet: Landscaping That Will Help Reduce Your Water Bills
  14. eBook: Outdoor Living Spaces You Can Do Yourself
  15. How-to guide: Creating A Finished Basement That Doesn’t Feel Like A Basement
  16. Twitter: Ask questions of followers about their likes and dislikes (laundry on the first floor, hardwood in the kitchen, crank-out windows, etc.)
  17. Pinterest pin: Our Favorite Celebrity Homes
  18. eBook: How To Get The Best From Your Homebuilder (how to communicate your needs, ask the right questions, eliminate errors, etc.)
  19. Blog post: Egress Windows: The Added Safety Is Worth The Added Expense
  20. Promotional offer: Offer something of value with every signed contract, i.e., we’ll give you one of 3 features at no cost: garage basement entry, landscaping or siding and roofing upgrade
  21. Tip sheet: Steel Studs or Wood: Pros & Cons
  22. Blog post: The Latest Techniques In Wall Plastering
  23. Checklist: A handy list to check off the features prospects want in a their new home or remodeling project
  24. Checklist: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Meeting With Your Builder (location of laundry room, do you want a laundry chute, patio or screen porch, etc.)
  25. Blog post: Most Popular Home Must-Haves (features most often requested, like mud room, whirlpool bath, etc.)
  26. Tip sheet: How To Prevent Ice Dams (or wet basements or window rot)
  27. Blog post: 10 Cool New Home Features You Want In Your New Home. The latest add-ons, like attic vents or shoe closets, etc.
  28. eBook: Renovation 101: Where To Spend Money, Where You Can Cut Corners
  29. Blog post: Top 10 Calls We Get After A Home Is Complete (where is the fuse box, we changed our mind about our light switch locations, outlets don’t work, etc.)
  30. Blog post: Share a remarkable customer service experience when one of your people over-delivered.
  31. Info sheet: Windows: The Good, The Better & The Best
  32. Tip sheet or video: Steps To Take To Winterize Your Home
  33. Pinterest pin: Share images that depict the top trends in home design
  34. Blog post: The Future Home: Features You Can Expect To See in 10 Years
  35. Blog post: Cement vs. Asphalt: Which Driveway Performs Better?
  36. eBook: Ranch v. Two-Story: How To Determine Which Is Right For You
  37. Tip sheet: Which Interior Investments Give You The Best ROI
  38. Blog post: On-Demand Water Heaters: Do They Save You Money?
  39. Tip sheet: 25 Tips For Reducing Home Maintenance Costs
  40. Blog post or video: Your Step-By-Step Spring Maintenance Guide
  41. How-to guide: Eliminating Mold Throughout Your Home
  42. Blog post: Tall Ceilings – Worth The Extra Expense?
  43. Video series: Show any techniques that showcase your competitive advantage, i.e., how you waterproof basements, the R factor of your insulation, etc.
  44. Blog post: Flooring Options For Families With Kids
  45. Guidebook: P Traps, Travertine & Transom Windows: Terms You Need To Know Before You Build
  46. Blog post: The Best Flooring For Your Family – Real Wood or Manufactured?
  47. Video: Time-lapse video of an entire build or remodel
  48. Tip sheet: Work You Can Do Yourself To Save Remodeling Costs
  49. Blog post: Siding Color Trends
  50. eBook: Details about your top-selling homes, with interior and exterior shots
  51. eBook: A collection of your most successful home remodeling projects
  52. Pinterest pin: Images that feature living room decorating ideas
  53. Blog post: Let There Be Light: Which Way Do You Want Your Home To Face?
  54. Tip sheet: Carpet: Where It Makes Sense, Where To Avoid It
  55. Blog post: It Looks Great Now, But How Will You Feel About It In 5 Years? Design styles that may not last the test of time

Collectively and over time, this content will convince readers that Acme has very high standards of quality and is up-to-date on techniques and trends – things important to home buyers and those wanting to renovate. What works for Acme will work for you, with a little creative thinking. And hey, if you’re a home builder and remodeler that needs an Inbound Marketing agency, give us a call! No charge for the first 55 ideas.

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