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Alex Sobal
Posted by Alex Sobal on May 15, 2018

Happy_Weidert_Group_Team“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

If you’re going to spend more than 40 years of your life working, the best job you can ask for is one you enjoy working hard at, and that leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of each day. If you’re someone with marketing experience who thrives on helping businesses succeed, we just might have that job for you.

If you know the background story of Weidert Group, you know that inbound marketing forever changed our agency. When we made the jump to become a HubSpot customer and partner back in 2011, Weidert Group had only a handful of full-time employees struggling to demonstrate the value of traditional marketing. Once we drank the inbound Kool-Aid, however, the agency started on a rocket-fueled trajectory. Today, we’ve grown to 23 full-time employees – and still growing –and have even outgrown our building!

For our clients, the success stories are similar, with inbound marketing helping generate millions in new revenue, as well as helping facilitate new building additions, new hires, and more. The best part? Watching it all grow before our eyes, hearing the positive feedback, and teaching others something they can use to benefit themselves.

To give you a better idea of the positive impact working in inbound can have, I sat down with Senior Consultant, Frank Isca, to chat about working at Weidert Group and the excitement of working in inbound marketing.

1.) When did you start working at Weidert Group? Did you have any other marketing jobs before that?

I started working for Weidert Group in September of 2008, so I'm approaching my 10-year anniversary with the agency! I joined at an interesting time since the economic downturn related to the Great Recession was just starting to make an impact, which hit marketing agencies hard. We weathered the storm though as a team and that definitely has shaped my outlook as a marketer.

Prior to joining the Weidert team, I started my career at Jacobson Rost when they were still located in Sheboygan, where I primarily worked on the Culver's restaurant account. And I also spent close to a year in corporate marketing at Oshkosh Corporation.

2.) What stood out to you then that made you think “I want to work here”?

My first introduction to Weidert Group was through our president Greg since he was an outside advisor for a marketing course I was in during my senior year of college. We formed a friendship and as I began to learn more about Weidert Group, and could see how excellent of a leader Greg was, I identified them as the agency I wanted to work for after graduation. I also had a friend from college that had an internship at Weidert.

Once I graduated the timing wasn't right for me to join the Weidert team but Greg and I kept in contact. So, when I was ready to make a switch back to agency life after my time in corporate marketing at Oshkosh Corporation, Greg was excited to talk!

3.) What stands out to you today that keeps you coming back?

A big part of Weidert Group is our culture and that starts with our excellent team. When I joined the agency we were 10 people and then had to downsize to 6 during the recession, which was a very tough time. Now to see how we've grown to 23 full-time team members and the type of work we're doing for clients is beyond inspiring. We've attracted national attention as an agency even though we're located in quiet Appleton, Wisconsin. I feel blessed every day to come to work with a team of people I consider family.

4.) What’s the most exciting thing about doing inbound marketing every day?

It's constantly evolving which is a challenge, but that's what makes it fun! We've seen the incredible impact it's had on our own business and we're truly helping clients transform their businesses through inbound.

5.) What role do you see inbound and online content having in the next 5-10 years for businesses?

With the explosion of online content, it's really going to be the companies with the most helpful and engaging content that win. This takes a lot of hard work and constant adjustments. Yes, voice search and AI will continue to be disruptors and will force companies to adopt new best practices and tools, but the companies who are real and authentic with their content and overall website experience will excel.

6.) Last but not least, what are 3 reasons why the Inbound Consultant job is the best marketing opportunity available?

#1 – The Inbound Consultant job guarantees you'll constantly be learning and growing as a marketer. Each client's business/industry is different with a different set of opportunities and challenges, so you're forced to always be learning, asking new questions, and adopting what you learn.

#2 – You get to be part of an amazing team doing incredible work for our clients, and as an Inbound Consultant, you're a core leader on the team.

#3 – As an Inbound Consultant, you're the lead on cultivating the relationship with the client and driving results to grow their business. Yes, it's a lot of responsibility but it's beyond gratifying helping clients transform how they attract and close new business.

Apply to Become our Next Inbound Marketing Consultant!

Does all of this sound right up your alley? Good! Because we’re looking to add another Inbound Marketing Consultant to our team. As a consultant, you’ll be on the front lines every day working with clients to help build and execute their inbound marketing plans, including providing strategic advice that helps them attract more visitors to their websites, where they’ll become leads and customers.

As Frank, or anyone else here, would say, you really have the opportunity to make an impact on clients’ businesses every day.

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