Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional: Like Autos vs. Horse & Buggy

Meg Hoppe
Posted by Meg Hoppe on March 16, 2012

inbound marketing vs traditional marketingReaders of our blog know Weidert Group is wildly enthusiastic about the power of Inbound Marketing. After more than a year as a certified HubSpot Partner (now a silver-level certified partner), we're still blown away by the results our clients are seeing every day (increased traffic to their sites, improved visibility in search, double- and sometimes triple-digit growth in percent of qualified leads, and most importantly, new customers). Our clients also love the amount of valuable, up-to-the-minute analytics they're able to see at a glance – every day – about their prospects and leads. 

Why is it so effective?

  • Inbound Marketing is a set of tools and processes – an approach, really – that aligns precisely with the way people shop for goods and services today: online
  • Traditional marketing was more effective when people used the Yellow Pages and read the newspaper; today, these mediums are seeing staggeringly low numbers of users/readers
  • Inbound Marketing pulls good prospects to your website because you're offering valuable content that demonstrates your expertise
  • Traditional marketing pushes your word out to a wide, fractured audience; these limited messages may or may not have value to them
  • With Inbound Marketing, people wanting information before making a purchase decision find everything they need on your site about your products and your competitive advantage
  • With traditional marketing, you have very little opportunity to talk in-depth about your product or service

Yesterday, Forbes Magazine did a story about our partner HubSpot, HubSpot Ready To Pounce As Traditional Marketing Gets Obliterated, and about the sea change happening in marketing today. If you're considering Inbound Marketing and HubSpot, don't consider too long – you really don't want to miss this boat.

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