Jumpstart Your Results With an Inbound Marketing Checklist

Tami Wessley
Posted by Tami Wessley on May 4, 2012

ChecklistNot enough time… Not enough people… Not enough budget… These are recurring challenges we hear from clients who are charged with growing their businesses in today’s economy. Sound familiar?

We talk a lot about Inbound Marketing because we’ve seen it help our B2B manufacturing and professional services clients fill their sales funnel without adding to their already strained time and resources. But, starting something completely new can be VERY scary. It’s a good idea to get some help when just starting out.

To make it easier, we’ve created an Inbound Marketing Checklist outlining the key steps necessary to getting the quickest results.  

Inbound Marketing Checklist

1.  Acquire and setup the HubSpot Inbound Marketing toolkit and make it interface with your website (either via HubSpot CMS or API code). Then make any necessary website modifications to fully optimize your website based on Inbound Marketing best practices, including the mandatory addition of a blog. This is key!
2.  Address the SEO basics
     - Baseline and competitive SEO review
     - Keyword research
     - Optimize website pages
     - Develop & begin executing a link-building strategy
     - Initiate keyword tracking in HubSpot
3.  Develop Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy and Editorial Calendar
4.  Setup, expand or optimize social media accounts
5.  Write and post content according to editorial calendar. This includes blogs and any advanced content (videos, tip sheets, e-books, webinars, etc.)
6.  Create call-to-action buttons, landing pages and conversion forms to convert traffic into leads
7.  Institute HTML campaigns and social media interaction
8.  Develop email nurturing campaigns within HubSpot system
9.  Track Prospects and Leads, tailor communications based on responses
10. Analyze metrics and make adjustments as necessary

So, does implementing Inbound Marketing work? Yes! We increased our leads over 4800% in six months. And, it works for manufacturing - check out this case study demonstrating the quick impact.  

If you’ve been thinking about Inbound Marketing but not sure if it’s right for you, download our free e-book "Answers to the Top 15 Questions About Inbound Marketing."

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