6 Great HubSpot Features You Might Not Know About

Laura Sheptoski
Posted by Laura Sheptoski on May 6, 2021
HubSpot Features that boost ROI

If you’ve been a HubSpot user for any length of time or even just kept tabs over the past decade, you know about HubSpot marketing automation, HubSpot email marketing, and other HubSpot inbound marketing capabilities.

But HubSpot has grown to become so much more; it’s among the top platforms for all your marketing, sales, service, and website needs. This robust, all-in-one CRM can power your entire flywheel (allowing you to seamlessly attract, engage, and delight your customers). 

But let’s face it because it’s so comprehensive, there’s a chance you’re not leveraging all its capabilities or receiving the fullest ROI potential.

Whether you’re a legacy user, somewhat new to it, or simply thinking about investing in HubSpot software for your organization, get the most out of these great — and sometimes overlooked — tools that HubSpot offers: 

  1. Meeting Scheduling
  2. Ad Retargeting
  3. Conversational Bots
  4. A/B Testing
  5. Knowledge Base
  6. Custom Objects

Did You Know? 

HubSpot has various pricing models for their focused hubs, including:

Each hub provides powerful capabilities to help you execute your inbound growth strategy using a holistic and targeted approach. Hubs can also be bundled for a customized solution. To see which combination or pricing tier best suits your organization’s needs, request a free consultation.

1. Meeting Scheduling

☑️ Available starting with: CRM Free

If you’re not already using HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduling tool as part of their free CRM, you’re missing out on an easy way to schedule meetings. Simply integrate the tool with your Outlook or Google calendar, set your availability, and send your meeting scheduling link to whomever you need to meet with so they can book a time directly on your calendar!


While it might not directly impact your growth goals, itwill save you a considerable amount of administrative time, which you can redeploy to activities that will impact your bottom line! And it’s just another way to reduce friction for your prospects and customers.

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2. Ad Retargeting

☑️ Available starting with: Marketing Starter

How do you recapture the attention of prospects who’ve visited your website but left (bounced) before converting on an offer? HubSpot retargeting ads use cookie-based technology to show them tailored ads and messaging based on the content they’ve consumed. 

These ads help establish brand awareness by showing up in a user’s subsequent Google searches or interactions on Facebook or LinkedIn. Because of their tailored content, retargeting ads have a much higher click-through rate than standard display ads. It’s a great way to lure “window shoppers” back to your site with a special offer or content they might have missed.


3. Conversational Bots

☑️ Available starting with: Service Starter, CMS Pro

At one time, chatbots seemed to pop up at the worst times or simply annoyed most website visitors. But bot technology has improved to become much more intuitive, interactive, and conversational. Chatbots are not only accepted by users but often expected. 

HubSpot’s bots can leverage both live, in-person interactions as well as automated responses based on topic-driven workflows. Most people associate live chat with customer support, but it is a useful tool for sales and lead conversions, too. They improve the efficiency of live chat by scaling your one-to-one communications, and you can also use chatbots to create tickets and send visitors to the right service rep or knowledge base articles.

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4. A/B Testing

☑️ Available starting with: Marketing Pro, CMS Pro

Run A/B tests on HubSpot landing pages, forms, chatbots, CTAs, and emails to hone in on the best performing variations in copy and design. For email campaigns, in particular, you can send a small percentage of slightly varying emails to each group and gauge the response rate. After a set period of time, the winning version will automatically be sent to the remainder of the list.

AB-testing-criteria-in-HubSpot-email-editorChange up a subject line or introduction sentence, or use a different font, size, shape, color, or image, etc. on your emails, landing pages, forms, chatbots, and CTAs and see which is more engaging. But don’t go overboard with the differences between the two versions, or you’ll have little idea why one beat out the other and won’t have a solid takeaway for next time.

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5. Knowledge Base

☑️ Available starting with: Service Pro

For next-level content marketing, you can build a library of helpful articles with HubSpot’s Knowledge Base. It not only can help engage new prospects, it can also delight the customers you already have.

Knowledge Base is a self-service library of sorts that allows users to explore relevant information about a specific topic, product, or service. By leveraging this type of tool, your team can spend less time answering common questions and more time helping customers succeed.


6. Custom Objects

☑️ Available with: Marketing Enterprise, Sales Enterprise, Service Enterprise, CMS Enterprise

Standard objects within HubSpot include companies, contacts, deals, and tickets. Advanced users sometimes discover that organizing and reporting on their data might need to get more granular.

So HubSpot created Custom Objects. These properties allow you to store almost any type of data in HubSpot, including subscriptions, locations, shipments, events, and more. View custom object records, set up workflows, and run reports on the data associated with custom objects to help your business grow.


Take a Deeper Dive Into HubSpot’s Capabilities

By taking advantage of this handful of tools and using them to their fullest extent, you’ll boost your performance and HubSpot ROI. They’re just a few of the reasons to use HubSpot, but you’ll want to check out our Why Go HubSpot page that shares a lot more.

Why HubSpot? A compelling case for why HubSpot is the best all-in-one growth suite. Period. Explore the guide.


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