Northeast WI Inbound Marketing Bootcamp Agenda Finalized

Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on May 2, 2014


Four weeks ago, we announced the first-ever Inbound Marketing Bootcamp in northeast Wisconsin, set for May 21st at the Bridgewood Resort & Conference Center in Neenah, WI. At that time, we were able to announce who had committed to present, which on it's own was exciting and more than enough information for dozens of registrants to sign up early. But for those of you in the "I'll wait until I see the agenda" camp (been there!), now we've eliminated that excuse.

Here's the final agenda, with the blessings of all presenters: 

7:15 am-8:00 am

Registration/Breakfast (provided with registration)

8:00 am-8:45 am

Ellie Mirman, HubSpot, Head of Inbound Marketing Funnel:

Morning Keynote, Ballroom

The Inbound Revolution: Past, Present, and Future

Learn how the dramatic changes in technology and buyer behavior created the conditions that make inbound marketing a mandatory consideration for marketing and business development professionals across all industries. See where the industry is today, and enjoy glimpses of its brilliant future.

8:50 am-9:20 am

Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group, President & Partner


Quantify the Impact with an Inbound Marketing Assessment

CEOs and CFOs have always asked about the ROI and payback on marketing and business development investments. See a demonstration of how inbound marketing provides a perfect opportunity to measure the bottom line contribution, and allows businesses to plan, and set goals and budget based on objective expectations of Key Performance Indicators. 

9:30 am-10:10 am

Tim McAdow, Integrity Insurance, Director of Communications

Breakout #1a

Case Study: How to Implement Inbound Marketing in a Conservative Culture

Hear the story, in process, of a marketing pioneer introducing an inbound marketing mindset to a mutual insurance company, a culture that by necessity and heritage tends toward risk aversion. Be prepared to learn from his experiences! 

9:30 am-10:10 am

Mystery Speaker, President & Founder

Breakout #1b

Case Study: Creating Compelling Content in a Boring Industry

In an industry that is usually most interesting only to CFOs and tax attorney's, learn how this entrepreneur identified relevant persona pain points and turned them into an unending stream of blog posts and advanced content to grow site traffic and geometrically explode qualified leads to power amazing business growth. Why will his identity only be revealed to attendees? He doesn't ever want competitors to know the secrets to his success! 

10:20 am-11:00 am

Jeff Coon, Stream Creative, Partner


Creating an Online Presence That Attracts & Compels

Learn from the first-hand experiences of one of inbound marketing's most successful creative minds how they build online powerful online presence for clients. Benefit from the lessons learned about attracting traffic and building effective lead conversion opportunities. 

11:00 am-11:25 am

Break/get lunch (provided with registration)

11:30 am-12:30 pm

Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn Power Formula President & Founder

Lunch Keynote, Ballroom

Leveraging LinkedIn in Your Inbound Strategy

You may have already read his book (The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success), the most popular LinkedIn book IN THE WORLD! Now you have the chance to listen to one of the world's most respected LinkedIn consultants offering his tips on putting LinkedIn's power to work as part of a comprehensive inbound strategy. 

12:40 pm-1:20 pm

Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn Power Formula President & Founder

Breakout #2a

Continuation of Keynote: LinkedIn Tactics in Your Inbound Plan

Did his lunch address just whet your appetite? Here's an opportunity in a more intimate setting to learn even more from the master of LinkedIn strategy and practice.

12:40 pm-1:20 pm

Frank Isca, Weidert Group, Partner

Breakout #2b

Why Inbound is the New SEO – and What That Means to You

Google's search algorithm updates have communicated their goal loud and clear:  a commitment to authentic, contextual, quality content will provide the greatest organic search benefits to web properties. Learn the core reasons why adopting an inbound marketing strategy that delivers authentic, relevant and quality content to your most attractive prospects will help you build a thriving search presence for your company that isn't subject to future updates from Google and grows organically over time.

1:30 pm-2:10 pm

Luke Summerfield, Savvy Panda, Director of IM 


Brain Based Conversions – Using Neurology to Influence Buyer Behavior

Ever wonder why certain words or images are more powerful triggers to action than seemingly similar alternatives? Learn from an inbound thought leader the role neurology plays in marketing communications, and how to put this knowledge to work for your business.

2:10 pm-2:30 pm


Headshots available, Courtesy of David Jackson, President & Founder Jackson & Co., Photography (provided with registration)

2:40 pm-3:20 pm

Ellie Mirman, HubSpot, Head of Inbound Marketing Funnel:

Breakout #3a

Building Prospect Relationships through Inbound Nurturing

Interested web traffic is good and qualified leads even better, but nothing beats turning leads into customers! Learn how to nurture qualified leads directly from the person responsible for leading a team that generates and nurtures more than 40,000 leads each month. 

2:40 pm-3:20 pm

Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group, President & Partner

Breakout #3b

Knowing When to Close – How Lead Scoring & Prospect Behavior Make it Easier

An inbound marketing approach and the enabling technologies that make it possible can represent enormous business development advantages for inbound marketers. Learn from a front-line practitioner how to use technology and the powers of behavorial observation to improve your closing performance make the steps toward closing more effective and enjoyable for both buyer and seller.  

3:30 pm-4:00 pm

Ellie Mirman, Greg Linnemanstons, Jeff Coon, Luke Summerfield (full attendance)

30-minute Q&A Panel

Here's one last chance to ask the questions that haven't been answered already, or to integrate all you've learned in an incredible "So what does this all mean to me?" question. 

And if the panel isn't enough for you, attendees will be invited to adjourn to the bar for a complimentary beverage and an opportunity to network with fellow attendees, or to secure Wayne's autograph of his second edition!

See you at Bootcamp!

This event was held May 21, 2014. To view the Bootcamp presentations, simply click the button below.

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