Our Partnership with HubSpot: What A Difference A Year Makes!

Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on August 2, 2012

partnership_with_HubspotOne year ago, the Weidert Group website went live on HubSpot. After evaluating HubSpot for an agonizingly methodical 6 months, we signed on as a customer in April, 2011, and spent the next 2+ months on conference calls with our HubSpot consultant, getting our site ready for migration, learning about the platform and vast toolbox, taking the initial steps to begin formalizing content and social media strategies, fine-tuning our SEO approach...in short, doing everything for our own Inbound Marketing efforts that we were soon going to be offering to clients and prospects. It was an intense period that humbled all of us here about how much we thought we knew about Inbound Marketing, compared to what we still needed to learn.

But with a lot of help from the great people at HubSpot and some early agency pioneers like John McTigue of Kuno Creative, who was gracious enough to answer lots and lots of questions from us, by August 1, 2011 we were ready to launch a new era for Weidert Group.

So where are we now? Here are the comparisons, pre-HubSpot versus our most recent 4-month averages

  • Total traffic – from 800 visits/mo to 4,800
  • Social media visits – from 35/mo to 1,050
  • Referral visits – from 80/mo to 825
  • Organic search visits – from 215/mo to 900
  • And the most important web analytic: Leads!
    • Leads – from 2-3/mo to 125

In addition, subscribers to our blog are up 500% as shown in this graph.

Weidert Group Blog Subscribers

Even more important to a business than leads is new clients and the impact that has on the business. The impact on Weidert Group has been nothing short of amazing, in several important ways. Prior to HubSpot our business was completely localized; the farthest we traveled to see a client was 56 miles! Today we have clients on both coasts, and proposals out right now with a French company and the London-based marketing operations of a Seattle company. Without Inbound Marketing and HubSpot, they never would have found us.  

Since last summer we've averaged one new client added each month, which has been critical in an economy that's still moving more sideways than it is growing. As a result our net revenue is up more than 20%. And it actually feels like we're just beginning to feel the impact of an invigorated sales funnel on our business results.

While we're no longer on the steepest part of the learning curve, there's still a fair amount of learning that seems to take place every week. As the oldest member of our team I've really enjoyed the jolt it's given our culture, making it easy to ask "why not" when we find what we think is a better approach or tool to consider.

We obviously don't ever second-guess our decision to become a HubSpot customer and partner. The only questions we occasionally ask ourselves are:

Can you imagine where we would be without HubSpot?


Why did it take us so long to make what has become our best decision ever? Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing

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